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Pro Tour Amonkhet

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Pro Tough Amonkhet took place in Nashville over the weekend, and what the processional players took to battle gave us a bit of a surprise.  

We were expecting a field mostly dominated by Mardu Vehicles and Temur Aetherworks.  We were not expecting a strong showing of Zombie decklists this last weekend.  Although there were a handful of White / Black Zombies, most were mono-black.

Some rough numbers here which speaks onto the current standard meta-game. Here are the Decklists with 6 or more wins -
43 Aetherworks 
33 Zombie 
29 Mardu Vehicles
9 GB or Temur Energy
4 U/R Control
1 Abzan Tokens

Here are out Top 8 players - congratulations to all.  Also very happy to see a list from Ken Yukuhiro, who did very well with a B/G Energy list against both Zombies and Aetherworks.

1st Mono-Black Zombies Gerry Thompson
2nd Temur Aetherworks Yuuya Watanabe
3rd B/G Energy Ken Yukuhiro
4th Temur Aetherworks Martin Muller
5th B/W Zombies Chris Fennell
6th Temur Aetherworks Marc Tobiasch
7th Mono-Black Zombies Christian Calcano
8th Temur Aetherworks Eric Froehlich


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