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Amonkhet - Story 7

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

As it is Wednesday, please do drop on over to the Wizards of the Coast site for the latest Magic Story installation.  Today's continuing Amonkhet story, 'Episode 7 : Trespass', is penned by Michael Yichao, and centers on the Samut, Djeru and Nakht.

The TL//DR 
The three close friends, Nakht (an aven), Samut, and Djeru, of the Tah Crop are nearly inseparable.  Nakht might be a water  bender, Samut asks too may uncomfortable questions and Djeru has the makings of a great accountant.  Samut shows the crew some old and forgotten glyphs.  Kjeru discovers a hole in the protective Hekma barrie, the trio think it a great idea to wander beyond the safe environs of Naktamun into the wild wasteland.  A ruin in the wasteland contains possible clues to a time before the God-Pharoah (May he return quickly and may we be found worthy).  Things go sideways quickly when they are beset upon by the undead dissenters and one of kids are horrifically nerf'd by a Grim Strider.  Years later, Samut, constatantly searching for answers to questions no-one is willing to ask, finds evidence of a dark secret.

Again, a great story from Yichao, but we should also point out that this story may not have been directed to an editor before it was posted.  Mind you, it is not as atrocious as perhaps the 'work' of E. L. James, but having said this, still know that redditor 'Wotc_Grammar_Police' is working overtime on today's story.  Let's have a taste -


• "Suddenly, Samut stood and turned to the two boys."

• "Suddenly, Samut shoved them behind the remnants of a wall"

• "Samut suddenly stopped, jarring in her sudden stillness"

• "Suddenly, a sudden dread fell over his entire body"

Suddenly, a great need for a thesaurus.


Also, who would have guessed that the Magic: the Gathering community also are Star Wars fans ?

"She was faster and stronger and had the high ground."

"Hot sand, swirling in wild storms, pushed high just outside the barrier"


"Hazoret gazed over the smaller figures: humans, aven, ainok, minotaurs, and naga, all standing in various stances."

Sorry WotC, kinda racist here.  The 'ainok' on Amonkhet insist on the name 'Khenra', or perhaps Jackal in more informal situations.


Today I Learned - Amonkhet is the 1994 movie Stargate.

A team of soldiers (Planeswalkers) go to a desert world (Amonkhet) seeking a shared history (to kill Nicol Bolas). They find people ruled over an Egyptian-styled god named Ra (Nicol Bolas) who enforces his will while he is away with soldiers dressed as gods (The Gods of Amonkhet).

Jace plays Daniel Jackson
The Planar Bridge is the stargate
Blah, blah, additional witty references.

Some questions - 

It seems from the stories so far, the entire culture of Amonkhet lives to prepare for the Trials.

Who takes time off training to have kids ?  Is this frowned upon ?

Also, when an Ibis and Human love each other very much, do they have a little feathered Aven chick, or a hairless monkey ?

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