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Amonkhet Monumental Tokens

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Today we want to get to another rogue decklist suggestion as we don’t really want to play Mardu Vehicles or other Top 8 Magic: the Gathering list.  If you’ve been reading MTG Realm for any length of time, you may know we love us some token decks, so let’s look over a looked-over card from Amonkhet - Oketra's Monument.

Oketra's Monument is an artifact that costs 3 mana, with two rather nice abilities -
• White creature spells you cast cost 1 (colourless) less to cast.


• Whenever you cast a creature spell, create a 1/1 white Warrior creature token with vigilance.

The downside here is that Wizards of the Coast has put this uncommon-rarity artifact as ‘Legendary’.  For those who have just started playing, this will mean that a player cannot have more than one of these on the battlefield at any time.  This forces the player to give consideration as to how many copies is ‘safe’ to play in the deck.  Obviously you would be doing yourself a disservice if you included the maximum of 4 copies in your list, as it would be a ‘dead’ card in your hand.  This may be fine for other (typically creature or Planeswalker) cards as you would expect to have this a painted as a big target for removal.  As Oketra's Monument is a non-creature artifact, blowing it up is just a little more difficult.  As we want this to be a key component of the deck, we really do not want to drop below 3 copies in our mix of 60 cards.

To fill out our list we would like to play to the potential synergies available with Oketra's Monument - that is dropping white creature spells a full turn earlier and perhaps something to buff up all those 1/1 white Warrior creature tokens we want to produce.  Remember - there is no decklist offered here, just some suggestions for you to brew with.  Here is some choices moving forward -

• Sacred Cat - this 1/1 for one can take a dirt nap and come back with embalm.

• Servo Exhibition - which creates 2 creature tokens, and one more with the monument.

• Annointer Priest - gains you a life with each new token you create.

• Sram’s Expertise - comes down turn 3 and pukes 4 creature tokens with the monument

• Anointed Procession - What’s better than making a bunch of tokens ?  Making more tokens with this white-coloured Parallel Lives.

• Regal Caracal - Nice cat lord which for 5 mana delivers 7 power across three creatures.

• Angel of Invention - Use the Fabricate tech to create two additional tokens or just buff the angel.  The big benefit here is that though we are unable to use Always Watching as it buffs non-tokens, the angel will bull your entire team, no questions asked.

Other considerations -

• Westvale Abbey - as you will be making a lot of tokens, why not sacrifice them to transform this Land into a huge threat.  A 9/7 Flying, lifelink, indestructible, haste demon sounds nice.

• Dusk // Dawn may be questionable in this list - it may clear the board of larger creatures (power 3 or greater), but the Dawn side might not pull that many power 2 or less critters from our graveyard.

• Captain’s Claws - a 2-drop equipment which does not buff much, but which does generate a token every time the equipped creatures attacks.

• Even Wind Guide - splash blue in the list to give wings to all your creature tokens.



Anonymous said...

Oketra's Monument only triggers when you cast a CREATURE spell. So Servo Expedition, Sram's Expertise and the like won't trigger Oketra's Second Ability

Anonymous said...

Odric, lunarch marshal