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Magic Story Wednesday

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Before we get into today's post on MTG Realm, we have a few notes of interest for you -

Amonkhet Game Day

Amonkhet Game Day is this weekend ! Battle at your local gaming store (MTG Realm will be at OMG Games, here in Barrie, Ontario), and you could score a great Ultra PRO playmat, top eight promo of Glorybringer, and the participation promo of Trueheart Duelist.  Pop on over to this link on the WotC mothersite for more info -

Hélène Bergeot

We are rather sad to hear that Hélène Bergeot, Wizards of the Coast vetran of some 21 years is leaving Wotc.  She leaves her post as Director of Global Organized Play Wizards of the Coast.  The very best wishes to her in whatever ever she does next.  Perhaps she is escaping that inept President the Americans had elected in favour of Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, whom we believe might just lead France (hopefully after Parliamentary elections) be ushering in a new golden age for France.

Fans of Magic: the Gathering have found this little nugget in the US Trademark Electronic Search System -

The Fall set, 'Ixalan' releases on or about September 29, 2017.  This set name, along with 'Iconic Masters' was the last information received.  It now appears that the second set in Ixalan block is to be Rivals Of Ixalan.

Magic: The Gathering's 25th Anniversary is upcoming and is expected to have celebrations take place concurrently with HASCON, the first stand-alone Hasbro convention this September.  We suspect that there may be some promotional products and logos with this this MTG '25' on the Planeswalker symbol.


Today's story "JUDGMENT", by Doug Beyer and Alison Luhrs was a great read.  We are happy to say better than the story last week, which unfortunately did not get passed to an Editor prior to publish. 

This is the last story in the Amonkhet set and will pick up again on June 7th, 2017 before release of the Hour of Devastation on July 14th, 2017.  MTG Realm has heard that next Wednesday, there will be a Question and Answer podcast, with the week after featuring a Commander Anothology story - which we are completely hyped for.

Anywhoos, on to today's story - SPOILERS AHEAD !

Story focus is on Samut, who having escaped the Viziers, fails to convince her Djeru that all is not as it seems, and in fact, quite a lie.  Djeru is a dick and does not listen.  Samut pleads to the god Hazoret to intervene and save Djeru from the inevitability of the last Trial.  Hazoret, being hacked, along with the other four remaining gods has Samut imprisoned ('sarcophagus' time-out?).  

Those idiot Planeswalkers calling themselves the Gatewatch manage to free her, and promptly get caught.  They all come to in the arena where the final trial (Trial of Zeal) takes place and find themselves fitted with a cartouche which controls them and more importantly restricts their particular magic.  

Gideon 'Meat Slab', has a moment in the ensuing battle which has us contemplating a Hero's Downfall reprint.  The sky grows darker at the close of the story with the impending return of the God-Pharoah and 'The Hours' begin, which feels like more of a countdown to total devastation of the Plane - Thanks Obama !


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