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MTG Tumblr Thursday

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Today's post to the MTG Realm blog is an assortment of a whole lot of different things - but certainly still on topic - Magic: the Gathering.  Hold on to your teeth as we take off.

First up -  Magic: the Gathering - Minecraft Skins

Hey there - do you like Minecraft AND MTG ??  If so, then pop on over to today’s announcement on the Minecraft mothersite linked here.  Minecraft Skin Artisit Sarah Kisor has crafted-up some of the most popular Magic: the Gathering Planeswalkers and Legendary Creatures and has produced some pixelacious skins.  The Magic the Gathering skin pack is available for Pocket and Windows 10 Edition.

Next - Wizards of the Coast has finally updated that Planes of Existence page to include our new Plane - Amonkhet.  

Summaries provided for:
Amonkhet Plane Overview
Legendary Creatures
• Cities
• Creatures, and
• Planeswalker Visitors

Next - MTG Pro Luis Scott Vargas has completed the full Constructed Set Review for Amonkhet over on Channel Fireball.  Pop on over and get to brewing !  Please do read LSV's review in full, but for the TL/DR crowd, here are the Top 10 Constructed Cards from Amokhet are -

10. Nissa, Steward of Elements
9. Magma Spray
8. Censor
7. Commit // Memory
6. Gideon of the Trials
5. Cut // Ribbons
4. Liliana, Death’s Majesty
3. Never // Return
2. Cast Out

. . . . - and -
1. Glorybringer

Finally, we want to wish our good Friend, and fellow Magic: the Gathering Fan Matty a belated Birthday (celebrated just last week) .  He had a most wonderful MTG themed cake -


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