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Wednesday MTG Miscellany

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We hope to cover a few odds 'n' ends with today's post, so buckle in and lean in when we negotiate the road curves.

First up -
Today on the Magic: the Gathering Mothersite, the ubiquitous Blake Rasmussen delivered upcoming Friday Night Magic promo cards to take gaming fans to June 2017. 

Friday Night Magic (or FNM) is a format of Magic: The Gathering tournaments, held on Friday nights in gaming stores and associations all across the world. These are designed to be a beginner-friendly introduction to organized play.  The promotional cards, provided by Wizards of the Coast as prize support for the FNM Events are foil and feature an alternate art.

2017 Friday Night Promo Cards
1/2017: Noose Constrictor
2/2017: Fortune's Favor
3/2017: Incendiary Flow
4/2017: Servo Exhibtion
5/2017: Unlicensed Disintegration
6/2017: Aether Hub 

We are rather happy with the choice of Aether Hub - here's a card that will likely see proper standard constructed play and not be relegated to a dusty trade binder.

Next up - 
If you have not already done so, please do take in today's Magic Story installment ‘Puppets’, penned by James Wyatt (we're always very pleased to read his offerings).  This continues the Kaladesh story of Aether Revolt and features Liliana, who has a bone of contention to pick with the Planeswalker Tezzeret.  In this article we hear the first mention of the Plane of Amonkhet (the next MTG Block).  

We also now learn the names of all four demons whom Liliana had become indebted to.  To this end, here is the really short backstory for those readers interested -
Liliana Vess made a pact with four of the Multiverse’s most powerful demons with the assistance of the tyrannical Elder Dragon Nicol Golas. The words of this demon pact remain written on her skin. Liliana efforts now focus on th goal to obtain her freedom by defeating the four who bound her :
• Kothophed (origin uknown)
• Griselbrand, Plane of Innistrad
• Razaketh (origin uknown)  

• Belzenlok (origin uknown)


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