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Banned List Update 1-09

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

. . . Or perhaps not ?  Depends really we guess.

Early this morning, we read this tweet from WotC - a week early and quite unexpected.

Our first thought turned to standard constructed, our format of choice and quite specifically, the two-card combo that exists in post- Aether Revolt - that of Saheeli Rai from Kaladesh using here second ability on new bestie Felidar Guardian to make an infinite number of hasty copies of itself.  This comboriffic matrimony is called by some 'Crazy Cat Lady'.

Over the next few hours, with minutes moving at the speed of a glacier, doubt and darkness crept into the corners of our minds.  We started to think the unthinkable, what if this other cards from standard decklists we love were the target of malice ?  

Then, with much anticipation and bated breath, the bomb dropped . . .

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."
Personally, we could not care the least about Emrakul, as we really had not see that card enjoy popular play at our local gaming store.  Smuggler's Copter was too expensive for us to purchase as singles and we never cracked one open, so again, no emotional buy-in.  Reflector Mage however did bruise our feelings a bit.

Think blue control is 'unfun' - yeah - we agree, we hate that colour, but that sort of control is part of the basic colour wheel of the game.  We did feel frustrated when we got hit with Reflector Mage, but we took out licks and tried to work around this with strategy and sideboard.

Think that Reflector Mage deserved a hit to the nethers with the Ban-Hammer - then we will say to you what Thorin said to Thranduil in the Hobbit - You can go “ishkh khakfe andu null”.  

Last - we don't play as much Modern as we would like but we did love out Git Probes when it was in Standard.  :(

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