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Metallic Mimic

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Last Monday, in this MTG article, we had yattered briefly about the rise in popularity of the Saheeli / Felidar Guardian combo decklist.  This past weekend's Richmond StarCityGames Open standard format results confirmed Saheeli and provided a second emerging list - Black Green Delirium / Black Green Aggro, which shared a number of key components.  It may be of interest to pop on over to this reddit thread for the Magic: the Gathering community's discourse on the results.  

We have a history here at MTG Realm of not playing the 'popular' decklists, but rather brewing up our own sometimes rogue lists.  We did take note of a single 'Humans' list being played by Benjamin Nikolich (linked over here) which inspires us.  In fact, our post last week on our take on post Aether Revolt Humans was not altogether different from that of Benjamin's list.  

The active ingredient in our opinion in this list and perhaps our favourite card in Aether Revolt is Metallic Mimic, which along with Thalia's Lieutenant pushes the tribal strength.
We certainly are not 'all in' on the humans strategy - we do love out be-goggled Monkey very much.
The R/W Humans decklist we took to our local gaming store, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario performed to our satisfaction to take 3rd Place at Friday Night Magic.  The field here does not contain just two popular decklists, although there were a few showings of B/G Delirium.  The Humans list did not so great against that list so we will return to the drawing board and reevaluate the sideboard choices.  For now, here is the full main decklist :

Land (20)
1x Hanweir Battlements
4x Inspiring Vantage
2x Mountain
3x Needle Spires

11x Plains

Creature (32)
4x Expedition Envoy
4x Thraben Inspector
2x Inventor's Apprentice
4x Thalia's Lieutenant
4x Metallic Mimic
3x Hanweir Militia Captain
3x Lantern Scout
3x Kari Zev, Skyship Raider

3x Hanweir Garrison

Enchantment (7)
3x Gryff's Boon

4x Declaration in Stone

Instant (3)

3x Blessed Alliance

Some brief notes about playing with this list -
• As expected, Metallic Mimic and Thalia's Lieutenant are must have bombs.
• Give the number of Monkey tokens from Kari Zev and Hanweir Garrison, Hanweir Militia flips / transforms rather easily in that larger board threat.
• Gryff's Boon is still a solid choice for evasion and to answer a flying Vehicle.

Summary - play what makes you happy and improve upon it as standard constructed evolves.  Our next move is likely with Metallic Mimic again and will involve a great number of Servo tokens being generated.  :)


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