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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As you may see from the title of today's post, the FULL Kaladesh card list is now up and the card image gallery over on the WotC Mothersite (linked here) has been updated. With today's offering of the full Magic: the Gathering set, is the Kaladesh Release Notes, which may be found over here.  We think most every player at tonight's Friday Night Magic Event at OMG! Games here in Barrie will be speaking of nothing more than this.

If you were looking for an Ornithopter reprint, then brace yourself walking down sad panda lane.  Be of good cheer!  There are many other lovely artifacts, and this set looks to have a great level of synergistic and fun cards.

Have a look at Gearseeker Serpent, the closest we may come to an 'Affinity for Artifacts' in Kaladesh but wow - colour us impressed.  This 5/6 fatty may be swinging out several turns ahead of when your opponents may least expect it.

We have a feeling that the Simic Combine may have sent a secret research group to Kaladesh - how else could one explain the odd Wily Bandar?  We do not want to impose our Binary sensibilities upon this but is it part feline, part primate (or just all trouble) ?

For those blue mages out there who were looking for an array of counter magic, you may not be overjoyed with the number of unconditional and efficient options available in this set, but take heart that we do have this spell to nerf non-artifact spells.  Sorry but cold-comfort there.

Anywhoos, here is the full text list which we will be going through over the course of the weekend !

Acrobatic Maneuver
Aether Meltdown
Aerial Responder
Aether Theorist
Aetherstorm Roc
Aether Tradewinds
Angel of Invention
Aethersquall Ancient
Authority of the Consuls
Ceremonious Rejection
Aviary Mechanic
Confiscation Coup
Built to Last
Curio Vendor
Captured by the Consulate
Disappearing Act
Consulate Surveillance
Era of Innovation
Consul’s Shieldguard
Experimental Aviator
Eddytrail Hawk
Failed Inspection
Fairgrounds Warden
Gearseeker Serpent
Glimmer of Genius
Glint-Nest Crane
Toolcraft Exemplar
Torrential Gearhulk
Trusty Companion
Vedalken Blademaster
Visionary Augmenter
Weldfast Wingsmith
Wispweaver Angel
Wind Drake

Aetherborn Marauder
Aethertorch Renegade
Ambitious Aetherborn
Brazen Scourge
Demon of Dark Schemes
Built to Smash
Dhund Operative
Cathartic Reunion
Diabolic Tutor
Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Die Young
Chandra’s Pyrohelix
Dukhara Scavenger
Combustible Gearhulk
Eliminate the Competition
Essence Extraction
Furious Reprisal
Fortuitous Find
Giant Spectacle
Foundry Screecher
Harnessed Lightning
Fretwork Colony
Gonti, Lord of Luxury
Incendiary Sabotage
Harsh Scrutiny
Inventor’s Apprentice
Thriving Rats
Terror of the Fairgrounds
Tidy Conclusion
Thriving Grubs
Underhanded Designs
Wayward Giant
Weaponcraft Enthusiast
Welding Sparks

Appetite for the Unnatural
Arborback Stomper
Contraband Kingpin
Architect of the Untamed
Depala, Pilot Exemplar
Armorcraft Judge
Dovin Baan
Attune with Aether
Empyreal Voyager
Blossoming Defense
Engineered Might
Bristling Hydra
Hazardous Conditions
Commencement of Festivities
Kambal, Consul of Allocation
Creeping Mold
Restoration Gearsmith
Cultivator of Blades
Saheeli Rai
Dubious Challenge
Unlicensed Disintegration
Durable Handicraft
Veteran Motorist
Elegant Edgecrafters
Voltaic Brawler
Fairgrounds Trumpeter
Whirler Virtuoso
Verdurous Gearhulk

Wild Wanderer

Wildest Dreams

Wily Bandar

Accomplished Automaton
Aether Hub
Aetherflux Reservoir
Blooming Marsh
Aetherworks Marvel
Botanical Sanctum
Animation Module
Concealed Courtyard
Aradara Express
Inspiring Vantage
Ballista Charger
Inventors’ Fair
Bastion Mastodon
Sequestered Stash
Bomat Bazaar Barge
Spirebluff Canal
Chief of the Foundry

Cogworker’s Puzzleknot

Consulate Skygate

Cultivator’s Caravan

Deadlock Trap

Decoction Module

Metalwork Colossus

Multiform Wonder

Narnam Cobra

Ovalchase Dragster


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