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Kaladesh Previews 9-14

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We suggest you make tracks on over to the Wizards of the Coast Articles homepage some time today to read the next Magic: the Gathering story installment, from Doug Beyer.  Titled 'Renegade Prime', we are finally introduced to the character Oviya Pashiri, which is to see print in the Kaladesh set as a legendary green creature.  You can read the biographical summary over here for Oviya.

Anywhoos, lets get to today's Kaladesh previews !

Some late-day previews over at io9 (~2PM) -
Ambitious Aetherborn
Aviary Mechanic
Highspire Artisan
Nimble Innovator
Reckless Fireweaver
Restoration Gearsmith
Weaponcraft Enthusiast

Weldfast Wingsmith

Brazen Scourge - Gawd those Gremlins are rather cute.  This one is a hasty 3/3 for 3 CMC.

Creative Spark - One red mana sorcery, exiling top card of library to shoot target creature for that cards CMC - not too shabby.

Demolish - because we need something in this block to blow up artifacts or lands.

Disappearing Trick - (or 'act'?) conditional hard counter bouncing a permanent back to your hand.

Experimental Aviator - 0/3 human artificer for 3UU with an etb effect of 2x thopters - nice.

Metalwork Colossus - A 10/10 construct critter for 11 CMC with a cost reduction of the total cmc of non-creature artifacts you control  Also with a sac clause for recursion.

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter - Green one-drop 1/2 legendary.  Creates a servo token for 3 or ana X/X construct based on the number of creatures you control.  Nice mana sink.

Perpetual Timepiece - Decent artifact utility to move cards from your library to graveyard or save yourself from a mill deck.

Prophetic Prism - Mana stone colour fixer, with the added benefit of etb card draw.

Refurbish - 4 Mana white sorcery to fetch an artifact back onto the battlefield.

Torch Gauntlet - Who doesn't want a torch gauntlet? Simple pump of +2/+0.


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