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MTG Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Although it may be cold and raining here in Central Ontario, we are still basking in the light of this past weekend's Kaladesh PreRelease event at OMG! Games, here in Barrie.  Our pool was mediocre, and we lost more games than we won, but we certainly had a helluva good time playing with the very soon to be released Magic: the Gathering set.  For those interested, we played a Red / Blue build with the following rares pulled -

 Many Servo Tokens died to bring you this PreRelease -
Looking ahead to when Kaladesh is released come this weekend, we've not been head-over-heels to build a Commander deck with one of the seven new legendary creatures, just yet but do have a handful of new Kaladesh cards which will be replacing existing slots in some lists we have.  (Example - we'll want to swap out Ranger's Guile with the new Blossoming Defense in our secret Simic build).

As for Modern, we do have a much-loved Soul-Sisters decklist which may benefit with the addition of Authority of the Consuls.  Not only would this card benefit cards such as Serra Ascendant and Ajani's Pridemate, but may also be a contender for the spot taken by Blind Obedience in the sideboard. 

As for the new standard this Friday, we have no clue (no - not that artifact clue thingy) of what to build.  We do have that derpy mon-white humans thingy featuring Thalia's Lieutenant that did not take too much of a hit with the rotation, but after that, we are undecided.

What we do know for certain is that (most of) the Gearhulks are damn fine for standard and that a lot of players we've been talking to have been liking Smuggler's Copter and Fleetwheel Courier, but the other vehicles are not approaching the same popularity.  It's a brave new world  come this weekend and it will be an adventure as players invent new and fantastical strategies on the game tables.

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