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Kaladesh Revolt

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

It is a bit of calm before the storm that is PAX West this weekend in Seattle, where the Paramount Theater has been transformed into the world of Kaladesh.  Like many Magic: the Gathering fans around the world, we will be focusing our attention to the full schedule of events unfolding over the next few days at PAX, where Wizards of the Coast is set to build upon previous successful years of showcasing upcoming sets in grand fashion.  This year, WotC has engaged a full cohort of 'community ambassadors' (about 18 or so individuals) drawn from around the world to attend and report upon all the activities.  As we here at MTG Realm follow most of them online, our 'virtual attendance' from our lair here in Canada promises to be markedly improved over previous years.

Anywhoos, those who are fans of the writer Dan Brown and more specifically his fictional character 'Robert Langdon', the fictional professor of religious iconology and symbology at Harvard should appreciate our post today.  We want to commend Wizards on the wonderful work they have done on the symbols developed for Kaladesh (and the next set, Aether Revolt).  To show you, here are the banners currently set up at PAX right now -

The graphic used on the banner shows the symbol of the ruling Consuls.  This symbol appears to represent the gathering and subsequent harnessing of aether.  The deeper meaning here may be all about control.

The graphic used by the Renegades, opposed to the restrictions imposed by the Consults shows the very same symbol but inverted.  The aether appears to be freely flowing out in this symbol, something which closely represents what the Kaladeshi renegades want.

Looking very much forward to this weekend the the continuing Kaladesh story.

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