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Tuesday MTG Miscellany

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We have got a lot of catching up to do, so we have for you today another potpourri of miscellaneous Magic: the Gathering newsworthy items.  Site tight, let's go -

The Shadows Over Innistrad product page over at the mothersite has a counter and a tag line - "Unravel the Madness".  Jace is giving this count-down clown a side glance here and estimates that something special will happen Thursday evening this week.  We are hoping it is a Shadows Over Innistrad TRAILER !!

Next up -
Manaleak has put up a terribad mock-up of a Shadows Over Innistrad card which was floating around recently.  You've seen 'Jar of Eyeballs' from Dark Ascension, well how real is 'Brain in a Bottle' ?

Brain in a Bottle, 2

Artifact, Rare

1, T: Put a charge counter on Brain in a Bottle, you may then cast an instant or sorcery spell with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Brain in a Bottle from your hand without paying its mana costs.

3, T: Remove X charge counters from Brain in a Bottle: Scry X.

Not certain if real, but we feel that this may accomplish great and wonderful things in the correct Commander deck.

Wizards of the Coast has just given the initial announcement for a new tactical board game set for a fall release, Magic: the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers: Shadows Over Innistrad.  This is a continuation on the Arena of the Planeswalkers board game system, and follows the recent release of the first expansion for this system, Battle for Zendikar.

A Shadow Casts Over the Arena

"Darkness is rising on the plane of Innistrad and its inhabitants need protecting from evil! The new Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers Shadows Over Innistrad tactical board game introduces new twisted terrain, powerful planeswalkers and deadly battlefield scenarios."

"Twisted Terrain" . . . colour us intrigued !
We think we have the final ('real') announcement of Conspiracy and will say WotC delivered some pretty cool entertainment in its delivery.

Clearly the crown is up for grabs. Will you claim it?

No more jokes. No more intrigue. For real this time.

The throne no longer sits empty, but deception, danger, and even death await around every corner.

Add deeper layers of intrigue to your next Magic draft and begin plotting as soon as you open your first booster pack! The Conspiracy: Take the Crown set builds on the revolutionary abilities introduced in the original Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy set, with new cards that affect the draft itself and new conspiracies that twist the rules against your foes. Trade votes and spread your attacks to manipulate the game in your favor. Seize the crown to give yourself a greater edge—if you can keep it.

How will you plot your way to the throne?

This set is designed for eight-player drafts followed by free-for-all games of three to five players each.

Don't forget to check out MTG Realm on Tumblr where we post a lot of bits 'n' bobs, such as this interesting post yattering about a new Tumblr Blog 'Hanweir Chronicle', thought to have been created by WotC staffers as another teaser for Shadows Over Innistrad.

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