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Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers 3-07

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We have had several posts here at MTG Realm over the weekend for Magic: the Gathering fans eager for the next new set, Shadows Over Innistrad, but where as the subject of these posts were storyline, art, and the teaser trailer, we did not focus on all the new cards previewed.  We have a full weekend's worth of cards as well as today's as official previews are kicking into a higher gear.  'Nuff said - let's go!

Avacyn, the Purifier // Archangel Avacyn - This legendary creature feels mythic - who doesn't like a flash, flying 4/4 Angel with vigilance that could save your team from a board wipe or taking damage on an alpha strike.  Flip side dripping with flavour.

Awoken Horror // Thing in the Ice - just leave a thingy in ice encased and walk away.  This 0/4 knocks off 'ice counters' and flips into a Kraken horror - go horror creature tribal!

Elusive Tormentor // Insidious Mist - pretty kewl design here - more flavour than competitive play-ability, but we are totally down with that.  

Hinterland Logger // Timber Shredder - Lumberjack Werewolf Chick - we're intrigued.  Good solid card given the rarity.

Lunarch Inquisitors // Avacynian Missionaries - again, sweet flavour and cool design with the use of equipment.

Aberrant Researcher // Perfected Form - Quite possibly Delver of Secret's long lost brother.  This critter is beefy and will pack a punch.

Declaration in Stone - not that bad for spot removal - deadly for lists relying on token strategies.  

Farbog Revenant - We are liking skulk mechanic on this lifelinker.

Just the Wind - bouncing a creature is fun, now improved with madness.

Magnifying Glass - there is a frack'n eye in her shoulder - AN EYE in her SHOULDER - neat, we should investigate.

Ravenous Bloodseeker - this vampire sucks.

Reaper of Flight Moonsilver - flying angel with a pump on delirium - ain't bad, but still does not have our interest.

Shard of Broken Glass - common equipment - love the art / flavour, not so much for the card itself, unless we have this in a list that wants some self-mill.

Soul Swallower - nice green wurm you can grow into a fatty (with trample!) on delirium.

Tamiyo's Journal - very cool legendary artifact, but will not make the cut for limited and standard at a cost of FIVE.

Thraben Inspector - decent one-drop common giving you a clue on entering the battlefield - she has the same look on her face when we used to hand homework in to our teacher.

Warped Landscape - not a bad non-basic land at common rarity.

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