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Shadows Over Innistrad - Markov Manor

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, kick your weekend off right with a trip down to your local gaming store for Friday Night Magic.  We'll be rocking our Hardened Scales decklist at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.  This same list had wonderful showing at last weekend's StarCityGames Open tournament in Philadelphia (3rd Place, Brian Ward), as Grand Prix Houston (3rd Place, Mark Jacobson and  7th Place, Chapman Sim). 

Anywhoos, onto all the Magic: the Gathering excitement with Shadows Over Innistrad previews.  Like thousands last evening (our post over here), we were treated by Wizards of the Coast to a very kewl / interactive Innistrad map which unlocked a location (the Stitcher's Lab).  Early this morning, another location was unlocked for fans - Markov Manor !

We arrived perhaps a little to late - Nahiri (the Kor lithomancer from Zendikar) got there first - and dang was she miffed as there was not much left - here's a look at her in action -

Apparently, no-one told the vampires in the Manor to get out, as they now appear to be part of the structure - 

We don't think that the Manor's insurance policy quite covers Vamp / Structure integration damage.

Here's the text from 'the Map' on the mothersite -

You climb the steps to Markov Manor, the ancestral home of the vampire Planeswalker Sorin. Its appearance is much darker, more twisted than it should be. Will you venture in?

Buttresses and archways twist in impossible directions as you step through the iron gates. Even more horrifying, the forms and figures of vampires jut out from the building, melded with the structure itself. Strange noises echo down abandoned halls and passageways. Yet even as all feels cold and empty, you can't shake the feeling that you're not alone here. Investigate the mystery of the madness on Innistrad at Markov Manor! Follow the clues throughout the weekend to unravel the madness on Innistrad.

Story background -
Markov Manor, located in the Innistrad Province of Stensia, is a hilltop estate that towers over the landscape. Markov Manor is the home of Edgar Markov, grandfather of Sorin Markov and the Vampire bloodline here.  Here are some bonus images shown - 

Shadows Over Innistrad preview card 3/04/2016 from the Manor - 

Incorrigible Youths, 3RR
Creature - Vampire, Uncommon
Madness 2R
"Ah, to be young again!" —Olivia Voldaren



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