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Origins PreRelease Prep

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Here in Central Ontario, we are now experiencing the first proper heatwave of summer.  For Magic: the Gathering players worldwide, things are also heating up as everyone is now looking to this weekend's Magic Origins PreRelease event.  Like most, here at MTG Realm, we are reviewing all the new cards after last Thursday's full reveal and are now evaluating the cards that would make for a strong sealed event.  As is tradition, we'll be off to our local gaming store, OMG! Games and hope to report a Top 8 success.  To find a Magic Origins event near you, pop on over to the 'Locator'.

We would highly recommend reading WotC staffer Gavin Verhey's article today (linky over here) on the mothersite to make the most of your PreRelease event.  For today's article, we want to confirm with you what to expect in the Magic Origins PreRelease Pack.

Magic Origins prerelease packs give players the opportunity to learn the origin of their favorite Planeswalker. There are five prerelease packs, one for each planeswalker's color - White (Gideon), Blue (Jace), Black (Liliana), Red (Chandra), and Green (Nissa). The pack's theme does not guarantee a specific Planeswalker card (obviously).

Each comes with a 7-card seeded booster pack that corresponds with that color. When registering for the Prerelease tournament, each player chooses one. The seeded booster pack will assist players in building a deck by providing a starting point in their chosen color. Each seeded booster pack contains a stamped premium promo card, which players may include in their tournament decks. The prerelease pack further contains 6 regular booster packs, 1 story booklet and 1 Spindown life counter. 

The TL/DR - Contents of the Magic origins PreRelease Pack:
• 6 Magic Origins booster packs
• 7-card seeded booster pack, with a stamped promo card
• Cool Planeswalker story booklet
• 1 Spindown life counter


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