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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope all had a great weekend, whether you were at a Magic Origins PreRelease or attending San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), or even both.  As you may have guessed from us gushing over on our MTG Realm Tumblr stream, we took in a midnight Magic Origins PreRelese event over at Koros Games in Orangeville, Ontario and had a blast.  Here's a bit of the PreRelease before we get into some of the big Magic: the Gathering news out of SDCC.

The first PreRelease Pack colours to go were white, red, and black, pretty much in that order.  We saddled up with a green pack and when popped, we could not be more happier - a foil Nissa promo - shown on our lucky BCW Supplies Playmat.  Our most valuable players were Rhox Maulers, especially when paired with with pump spells such as Titanic Growth and Might Leap.  Since we got up really, really early for work Friday morning, we simply ran out of steam by the end of the second match and retired for the evening.

The Wizards of the Coast Panel at SDCC 2015 was not streamed unfortunately but there were a number of 'live tweet' from the Wizards MTG Twitter account.  There was also a promise that there would be a recording available soon.  First up, the Panel had two previews for the upcoming From the Vault : Angels during the panel at SDCC - say hello to the Akroma sisters !

There was also a good measure of discussion on how WotC now presents storylines with references to the recent installments of the Magic Origins stories provided on the Uncharted Realms column.  There were also some very exciting images previewed for the next set, Battle for Zendikar, to be released early October 2015.  From the Q & A portion of the panel (and MaRo's Blogatog followup), we also learn that we may expect 'Allies' to return to the revisitation to Zendikar.  Pop back to MTG Realm tomorrow as we further discuss Battle for Zendikar. 


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