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A New Standard

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Magic Origins is now out and you may have even seen a few new brews or modified builds during the Friday Night Magic Launch.  We absolutely love the few short weeks after a new set release as Magic: the Gathering players let imaginations fly with new game strategies.  Within a month or so, standard constructed will evolve and many players will simply adopt with what seems to be doing well in the large regional tournaments or what the Pros are playing on the circuit.  We've always appreciated gaming with players who ignore the 'status quo' of the established popular decklists.

And so, we launch somewhat ironically into an article about the results from the weekend's StarCityGames Standard Open in Chicago.  Why?  We want to know whether some of our Magic Origins card evaluations were correct - that, and we have a few new lists (examples - U/R Thopters and Bant Enchantments) that are almost complete and want to see how these would fare against the evolving metagame.  Anywhoos, here are the Top 16 finalists.

According to StarCiutyGames Staffer Nick Miller in this article, the full metagame breakdown looks like this:Abzan Control – 16
G/R Devotion – 10
Abzan Megamorph – 9
Mardu Dragons – 5
Jeskai Aggro – 3
G/B Dragons – 3
Mono-Red Aggro – 3
Mono-White Devotion – 2
Sultai Control – 2
Esper Dragons – 2
Mono-Red Goblins – 2
Abzan Aggro – 2

U/W Control – 1
G/B Constellation – 1
Abzan Reanimator – 1
Jeskai Tokens – 1
5-Color Rally – 1
Atarka Red – 1
Bant Heroic – 1
U/W Heroic – 1
Naya Dragons – 1
Grixis Dragons – 1
G/B Elves – 1
W/R Aggro – 1
G/R Dragons – 1
G/W Company – 1
R/U Aggro – 1
Big Red – 1
Atarka Goblins – 1

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