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Battle for Zendikar Art Spoilers

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

So far this week, we have been touching all our new cards from the Magic Origins PreRelease last weekend and beginning to think upon new and revised decklists for standard format.  One of the first lists we want to try out at this Friday Night Magic event at our local gaming store, OMG! Games here in Barrie is Blue / Red Thopters, but we'll yatter about that list a bit latter on.  Speaking of OMG! Games, they are scheduled to run a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier to the first Pro Tour of 2016 this weekend (Saturday 18th July) with a ton of amazing prizes including a 1st prize of $500 cash ($600 credit) and an invite to the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for the first Pro Tour of 2016.

Anywhoos, we should get on with today's article post which should be of great interest to Magic: the Gathering players around the world - this fall's 'Battle for Zendikar' set.

Since posted, we have not yet heard back from WotC as to a video from the San Diego Comic Con MTG Panel, so we want to follow through with a series of (live) tweets from the panel showing some really exciting Battle for Zendikar arts 'n' illustrations -
Yep! - that looks like Gideon and Kiora (the Crashing Wave) with Thassa's (stolen) bident and a welcome wagon for some Eldrazi.
The art here for Ob Nixilis totally rocks.
Ob Nixilis is being rather unkind to a Kor here.
Zendikar's Halimar inland sea is separated from the natural ocean by a massive sea wall ('sea gate') - you can see the Lighthouse in the background here.  Planeswalkers Nissa and Gideon battling Eldrazi brood.
Hieromancy - the magic of justice and order.
Epic art here showing Nissa going down town with the token 'Ashaya, the Awoken World'. 


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