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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, get thee out to a gamery shoppe this eve.  To find a WPN gaming store holding a Friday Night Magic event, pop on over to the Wizards Locator here.  We'll be taking a standard decklist featuring a number of new Fate Reforged Cards to OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario where we hope to achieve fame and glory.  Anywhoos, here on the MTG Realm blog today, we want to drop a bunch of miscellaneous Magic: the Gathering news, so strap in and let's go -

First up - the new standard format metagame with Fate Reforged.  We suggest you pop on over to MTG Goldfish where SaffronOlive has posted this article 'Week One: Fate Reforged By the Numbers'.  We also very much enjoy reading the summaries provided by Nick Vigabool over on Gathering Magic - see his latest 'Standard Snapshot' over here.  In the most general terms, the game continues to look very healthy in the first week after the new set release with a diverse number of decklists.  You can check out the great coverage at the recent StarCityGames Open Series, Washington DC from last weekend over here.

Next - some sad news from Wizards of the Coast.  It appears that a number of staffers had been let go, most involved with Dungeons & Dragons.  Of particular note still unconfirmed are Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Chris Sims, and Torah Cottrill.  We want to pass along best wishes to all affected.

Lastly, a bit about the 'Tiny Leaders' format - an offshoot of Commander (Elder Dragon Highlander).  This is a singleton format with a legendary creature acting as the general / commander not unlike Commander but with some interesting twists - decklists are 50 cards with a 10-card sideboard, you start at 25 life and every card in your stack must have a converted-mana-cost (cmc) of not greater than three.  We will definitely want to try this out.  This format was created and developed by fellow Canadians Steven Hamonic and Bramwell Tackaberry out in Winnipeg, Manitoba where popularity quickly spread.  The creators have since filed trademark protection.  Read all about this very cool game over on the Facebook Page here.

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