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Fate Reforged Promos

Happy Friday (again) MTG peeps,

In our previous post (over here), we summarised all the new Fate Reforged spoilers and previews, which now takes us up to 70 of 185 new cards previews on the MTG Realm Spoiler List.  In this, our second post, we need to talk about all the Fate Reforged promo cards (and playmat) which could be yours during the upcoming weeks.  Pop over to WotC staffer Blake's post to the mothersite's Arcana article to see all the alternate art Magic: the Gathering goodness.

PreRelease Promos
January 17-18
Pool of 40 cards with holo stamp

Launch Promo
January 23–25
Sandsteppe Mastodon

Buy-a-Box Promo
Limited when you purchase a booster box
Shamanic Revelation

Game Day Participation Promo
February 14–15, 2015
Mardu Shadowspear

Game Day Top 8 Promo
February 14–15, 2015
Supplant Form

Game Day Winner Playmat
February 14–15, 2015
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon art 


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