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FRF PreRelease

Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

Wow.  What a great weekend.  The temperature which was sitting at a frigid -20 ºF steadily rose to just around freezing AND of course, the Fate Reforged PreRelease event.  Our local card shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie, kicked off at the stroke of Friday Midnight and continue with a series of events all weekend long.  At the time of this post, Magic: the Gathering players are collecting for a two-headed giant team sealed event with the new Fate Reforged goodness.

We attended the Saturday afternoon event and picked up a Mardu PreRelease pack (WotC done goofed and put a Sultai clan pin in the pack to antagonize us).  There was one table of three of our buddies who each had pulled a copy of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.  Early in the day, another one of the fellas pulled that alt-art Ugin from the special fate pack.  Apparently, We were not that lucky with our pulls which we'll get to later - first, here's a short vid -

The seeded pack had Flamerush Rider, while the Fate Reforged packs had Whisperwood, Outpost Siege, Sage-Eye Avengers, and Ojutai, Soul of Winter.  The Khans pack scored us a foil Retribution of the Ancients and a Dig Through Time.  The final pool gave us a decent black / green build with warriors on the front end and green fatties on the business end but we did the oh-too-familiar 0-2 drop and went home to caress our lovely new cardboard.

All-in-All, we LOVE that the prerelease has more packs of the new set than previously.  This may have perhaps made for a more 'grindy' game but we that is something we don't mind trading in for new set cards.  

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