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Fate Reforged Reviews

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Streamers of Georgian Bay here in Ontario is giving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) the business end of winter but nothing quite compared to what Winter Storm Juno is expected to do as it rips up the east coast causing massive havoc from Boston to New York City.  If you are on the east coast, be prepared with some snacky-poos, long-burning candles, and all your Magic: the Gathering decks to hunker down with while you ride out the storm.

Here at MTG Realm, we are getting delivery of all our Fate Reforged pre-orders and plan to spend the remainder of the week brewing up lists with the new set for Friday Night Magic at our local card shop, OMG! Games.  Our pre-orders were of course based upon our evaluation of how each new card may be expected to impact the standard meta-game.  We're certainly not pros at picking the 'winners' in each set and it is always interesting to see what the pros thought.  It may be the case of closing the barn door after the horses have already booked it but we've got the following reviews from the folks we trust most in the game - 

• Evan Erwin with Brad Nelson doing their customary set review on The Magic Show.  This is always entertaining and we always feel better informed after.

• Luis Scott-Vargas (LSV) over on Channel Fireball who does great evaluations of the set's notable cards for play in limited as well as constructed.

Here's some very handy links to each YouTube episode that Evan and Brad have for Fate Reforged - just click on the images below.  Be sure to support this fan-supported show by dropping on over to Patreon.

Here are the links off to LSV's articles which we suggest you would be very well served to read :

The Top Ten constructed cards according to LSV are:
10. Wild Slash9. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon8. Torrent Elemental7. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death6. Monastery Mentor5. Whisperwood Elemental4. Valorous Stance3. Soulfire Grand Master2. Crux of Fate1. Tasigur, the Golden Fang

Everyone's choice will be different due to their experience, play style and preferences so your top ten could look very much different.  What would your picks be (considering all constructed formats) ?

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