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Standard Slivers M14/15

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

With a large Magic 2015 core set pre-order from MTG Mint Card now in hand, we, like many other Magic: the Gathering players are set to brew up new decklists for standard constructed.

One of the very first lists we've created is for standard Slivers and the most important reason for this is improved mana via Sliver Hive which will allow you to tap for one mana of any color when casting a Sliver spell.  This, along with Manaweft Sliver essentially provides a solid base to cast every colour or multi-coloured Sliver card out.  Which is a good thing as M15 has the five colour Sliver Hivelord which will give all your Sliver critters indestructible.

But where to go with all our lovely Sliver choices ?

ONE CMC - Galerider Sliver, u / Stiking Sliver, r

TWO CMC - Diffusion Sliver, 1u / Leeching  Sliver, 1b / Manaweft  Sliver, 1g / Predatory  Sliver, 1g / Venom  Sliver, 1g

THREE CMC - Belligerent  Sliver, 2r / Blur Sliver, 2r / Sliver Construct, 3 / Steelform  Sliver, 2w / Syphon  Sliver, 2b

FOUR CMC - Bonescythe  Sliver, 3w 

FIVE CMC - Battle  Sliver, 4r / Sliver Hivelord, wubrg / Thorncaster  Sliver, 4r

SIX CMC - Constricting  Sliver, 5w / Megantic  Sliver, 5g

SEVEN CMC - Groundshaker  Sliver, 6g

One player - Roy Reese - took along a Sliver decklist to the Standard Open in Baltimore last weekend, the first large tournament directly after the release of the new core set.  You can check out the Deck Tech over here.  Roy placed 88th in Tournament which ain't that bad and one thing he mentioned in the video was the need for Negate to counter non-creature spells, which we will completely agree with for the current metagame.  We would also extrapolate this further by suggesting you may be well served in a full deckset of Diffusion Sliver, the blue two-drop fella forcing your opponent to pay two more mana to cast any spell targeting one of your Slivers.

There are several rather nice cards that provide assistance to creature-heavy decklists such as Domri Rade, Garruk, Caller of Beasts, and Yisan, the Wanderer Bard which will allow you to extract or float off additional Slivers.  We still don't think that a 'tool-box' approach is correct just yet for Slivers.

For the moment, we will have a first attempt ready for Friday Night Magic at OMG! Games and as it stands for today, may feature the following -
The tough part is deciding the non-Sliver supporting cards such as Simic Charm, Negate, Cyclonic Rift, Ghor-Clan Rampager and others.

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