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SDCC 2014

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

As it is Wednesday, here's a link to the Geico Hump Day Camel - you can also like this irritating ungulate on FaceBook too.  Anywhoos - there's a bit of Magic: the Gathering news which we're rather happy about - Wizards of the Coast is returning to the 2014 San Diego Comic Con after an absence last year (or has it been two years?).  

We realise that we had already posted about WotC being at SDCC back on our Tumblr blog last week when we yattered about Garruk's Nerf Axe and the box set of six limited alternate art planeswalkers - but the fan community still had no word as to whether WotC would hold a panel.  If you can't make it (or afford the $110 price tag for six cards) just pop on over to MTG Mint Card and get the regular print planeswalkers.

Well, that's changed with a recent Tumblr post by WotC minion Doug Beyer - here's the 4.1.1. -
San Diego Comic Con 2014

If you’re going to SDCC and you are interested in Magic, then you’re the kind of human (or goblin or djinn or whatever) who’ll want to attend the Magic: The Gathering panel. I’m going to be joining my fellow R&D tumblrnauts Mark Rosewater and Gavin Verhey, among other Wizards of the Coast panel pals, and we’re going to say Magical things and show Magical things. If you won’t be at the con, we recommend you engage in social media to enjoy all the JUICY MAGIC PANEL INFOS for yourself. Hope to see you there, m’friends.

SDCC Magic: The Gathering Panel
Saturday, July 26, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Room 25ABC
That's awesome.  We can likely expect a bunch of news from the upcoming From the Vaults: Annihilation product due out at the end of August as well as a sneak peek of the upcoming set Khans of Tarkir being released at the end of September.  On this day, expect one or more posts with the latest 'n' greatest MTG news and spoilers as it comes out.

Enthusiastic MaRo is enthusiastic.

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