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Magic 2015 Fat Pack

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Magic: the Gathering players are likely all a rather happy bunch at the moment - the latest core set, Magic 2015 officially released on Friday with the special launch event taking place during Friday Night Magic.  Those in attendance at their local gaming store may have scored a lovely alternate art 'In Garruk's Wake', which although may not see a lot of constructed play, does perfectly present the theme / storyline of this core set.  

We played on Friday Night at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land to get our launch promo and try out a new Magic 2015 card in an existing Naya Hexproof Auras decklist we already had.  Specifically, we had added a full deckset of Heliod's Pilgrim which, all things considered, is a rather powerful card - being able to search your library for any aura card to get it in your hand is great.  We modified the conventional list to run it a bit akin to a 'toolbox' where we floated out the right auras at the right time.  Unfortunately we did not do too well at OMG! Games and think we need to modify our mana a titch.  Speaking of our local gaming store, they ran a Charity Event on Sunday for a former regular who had been battling cancer.  Although the event is over, you can still contribute to good guy William Howe's recovery here.

Righto - back on track!
As is our custom here on MTG Realm, we've grabbed a M15 Fat Pack from OMG! Games and brought it back to our lair for a video dissection - let's have a look 


For an MRSP of just $40 USD, here's what you score in a Magic 2015 Fat Pack -
• Card Storage Box
• Nine M15 Boosters
• 2 deck boxes
• Player's Guide
• A learn-to-play insert
• A pack of 80 basic lands
• Spindown life counter

We were more than happy with our Fat Pack Pulls - a total of 3 Mythic Rares, one of which is most definitely a 'money card' at the moment.  The Sliver Hivelord is also very welcome as we had pre-ordered from MTG Mint a bunch of M14 / M15 Slivers and Sliver Hive as we want to play a fun Sliver build at FNM before this fall's rotation.
• Garruk, Apex Predator
• Jace, the Living Guildpack
• Sliver Hivelord
• Cruel Sadist
• Chasm Skulker
• Kurlesh, Onakke Ancient
• Battlefield Forge
• Preeminent Captain
• Phyrexian Revoker


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