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Theros Promos


Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

You most definitely need to check out the very awesome Theros Promos over on the mothersite today.  Whether you are breaking over a Theros prerelease pack and starting your Hero's Path, or scoring that Top 8 prize card during Game Day, these alternate art cards are just simply sweet.  Personally, we have a few casual decks which we run a few promo cards in the mix with the full book set and definitely take a collector's pride 'n' joy in our tall Commander stacks that feature a few of these.  The arts are outstanding - anywhoos - here's the round-up of Theros promos you can expect to see.

September 21-22, 2013 - Prerelease Promos - The five Intro-Pack rares again are mirrored in the special premium foil promos.  These are Celestial Archon (Matt Stewart / Wesley Burt), Shipbreaker Kraken (Jack Wang / Svetlin Velinov), Abhorrent Overlord (Slawomir Maniak / Dave Kendall), Ember Swallower (Slawomir Maniak / Vincent Procee), and Anthousa, Setessan Hero (Howard Lyon / Howard Lyon again).

Release Promo - Bident of Thassa (Yeong-Hao Han / Ryan Yee)

October 19-20, 2013 - Game Day -
Participation Promo - Phalanx Leader (David Palumbo / Raymond Swanland)
Prize Promo - Nighthowler (Nils Hamm / Seb McKinnon)

Buy-a-Box Promo - Sylvan Caryatid (Chase Stone / Lars Grant-West)


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