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Anthousa's Army

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

Unfortunately, we could not get out to Friday Night Magic at OMG! Games (here in Barrie, Ontario) last night and try out the brand new format as the motherboard in our computer died a horrible 'n' smelly death.  This of course means that the several new Magic: the Gathering videos we had wanted to get off for some of the new Theros products will unfortunately not happen until we're into a new computer.

For the interim, we wanted to get something posted on the new Theros Intro Pack we picked up.  We have the Green / White 'Anthousa's Army' one which features an arsenal of powerful auras and spells one can cast on your small army of creatures to swing on in for the victory.  For the retail price of approximately $15, you get the following;
•  1 premium card
•  1 60-card deck
•  2 Theros booster packs
•  1 learn-to-play insert
•  1 strategy insert

. . .  And the decklist -

25 lands : 13 Forest, 12 Plains
20 creatures : 2 Elvish Mystic, 1 Favored Hoplite, 2 Deadly Recluse, 1 Setessan Battle Priest, 1 Phalanx Leader, 2 Wingsteed Rider, 2 Chronicler of Heroes, 2 Staunch-Hearted Warrior, 2 Rumbling Baloth, 1 Pheres-Band Centaurs, 1 Setessan Griffin, 1 Anthousa, Setessan Hero, 2 Centaur Battlemaster
15 other spells : 2 Giant Growth, 2 Warrior's Lesson, 2 Battlewise Valor, 2 Pacifism, 2 Time to Feed, 2 Dauntless Onslaught, 1 Bow of Nylea, 1 Artisan's Sorrow, 1 Vanquish the Soul


There's some very decent early drops in this build to obtain a board presence which when targeted provides a benefit.  The added bonus of targeting your creature with one of those lovely auras can transform your unimposing creature into a real threat.  We think that this Theros pre-constructed Intro Deck not only can be the perfect start to get into the game for a newer player but also gives a very decent base on which to upgrade as you start acquiring new cards from your local games store on online MTG retailer like MTG Mint Card.

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