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Theros Flav

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Magic: the Gathering fans are certainly eating up all the latest Theros spoilers and previews this week.  Our Theros Spoiler List is now up to 89 of 249 cards revealed and is being updated every day.  Today over on the mothersite, Wizards delivered the third and last installment of Planewalker's Guide to Theros with a whopping 51 images and storyline soaking with flavor.  Also, Marshall Sutcliffe covered off a neat five-color cycle of common Nymphs all with the 'Bestow' tech which went rather well with the Guide's 'Non-Human Creatures' of Theros article.  We suggest you definitely check out the mothersite today and also start planning your pre-orders wish list over at MTG Mint Card.  Anwywhoos - here's a little excerpt on Nymphs to give you a taste if Daily MTG happens to be on the wrong side of your academic / corporate firewall (horrible I would imagine) . . .
Nymphs are divinely created creatures that inhabit special places, infusing them with the magic of Nyx. Most are benevolent and associated with healing or other life-giving magic, but dark nymphs dwell near the entrances to the Underworld and in places of great sorrow as well. Nymphs were intentionally created by the gods and can act as companions, messengers, guardians, or scouts.

Observant Alseid, Art by Todd Lockwood
Alseid - These white-aligned nymphs inhabit meadows. They protect flocks and are in closer proximity to human civilization than any of the other nymphs.

Nimbus Naid - Art by David Palumbo
Naiad - Blue-aligned nymphs can be found anywhere there is water. They are common in the streams and grottos of the Nistos Forest. Naiad also make their home on isolated beaches and shorelines, although they prefer areas with more cover.

Cavern Lampad - Art by Volkan Baga
Lampad. These rare, black-aligned nymphs are said to help Athreos in guiding the dead to the Underworld. They sometimes bear torches that burn violet.

Spearpoint Oread - Art by Todd Lockwood
Oread. The most aggressive and dangerous nymphs, these red-aligned creatures dwell in remote mouInline image 5ntain crevasses and near volcanoes. Purphoros is fond of their company, and these nymphs also take part in satyr bakkeia—but only the very wildest ones.

Dryad - Art by Todd Lockwood. Nylea has created many green-aligned nymphs, and her followers can be found throughout the Nistos and Skola regions.

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