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Theros PreRelease Packs

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Magic: the Gathering fans are gearing up for the big Theros pre-release party this weekend and we think game stores are gonna be packed.  Tonight, we here at MTG Realm will likely be finalising our singles pre-order to MTG Mint Card, with Friday Night Magic tomorrow, and then two solid days of Theros PreRelease.  We'll likely only be leaving OMG! Games & Collectibles here in Barrie, Ontario to shower and shave.

Some players we've talked to just cannot decide which Theros PreRelease pack to go with this weekend, while others want to play all the colors.  If you are still sitting on the fence as to which color to go with, here's a set of videos from Derium'ss CCGs in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio who has kindly presented a show 'n' tell of each - have a looky-loo.  Give 'em some link love to their Facebook page and their Twitter y'awll.
EDIT - 7:00 PM EST 9.19.2013 - It appears that the videos have been removed or set to private now.  We suspect that Wizards may have directed correspondence to Derium.
Deriums Review: MTG Theros Path of Honor (White) prerelease pack

Deriums Review: MTG Theros Path of Battle (Red) prerelease pack

Deriums Review: MTG Theros Path of Might (Green) prerelease pack

Deriums Review: MTG Theros Path of Ambition (Black) prerelease pack

Deriums Review: MTG Theros Path of Wisdom prerelease pack


All the seed packs seem to follow a similar pattern - - Each has 11 commons (5 off-color, and 6 on-color, one of which was the same in both pre-release packs of each color).  It has  3 uncommons. 1 on-color, 1 off-color, and 1 of either a multicolor or off-color and 1 rare/mythic, which can be multicolor.

Just a an additional note - Each prerelease seed booster has a playable promo. It has a primary color but isn't monocolor. Can open a God but no other mythic.



Anonymous said...

The videos all say "This video is private" when you try to watch them, just saying

John Schuhr said...

The videos are all private