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Theros Mechanics

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

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Second up - Over on the mothersite, WotC staffers put up a Theros Mechanics article and we suggest you give it a read.  We do have a quick 'n' dirty summary below and will definitely look forward to the standard FAQ Document which usually comes out just before the pre-release.  Anywhoos - here's the brief - 
The slick new tech for Theros essentially is:
• Bestow
• Devotion
• Enchantments
• Heroic
• Monstrosity
• Scry 

Bestow - Some enchantment creatures feature the new keyword mechanic 'Bestow' which allows the player cast that card as an aura with enchant creature for its stated Bestow cost. The card then provides a bonus to that enchanted creature. If the creature that it enchants dies or is removed from the battlefield, the enchantment itself is then able to become a creature, typically with similar features as the abilities it provided while it was an aura. 

Devotion - Some players who had gmaed with the Eventide set, will remember the ability keyword 'Chroma' which is somewhat similar to the new Theros 'Devotion'.  Devotion requires the player to count of the number of specific colored mana symbols on cards and then provides a scaled effect based on this number. 

Enchantments - Theros has a strong enchantment theme with widespread use of the Enchantment type alongside other card types such as artifacts and creatures.  Enchantment creatures and enchantment artifacts in the Theros block all have a unique card frame that shows the starfield of Nyx, home to the realm of the gods.

Heroic - This keyword ability provides a beneficial effect each time you, but not your opponent casts a spell, such as an instant or sorcery which targets it.  Activated abilities, such as equip, do not cause heroic abilities to trigger.

Monstrosity - This new keyword mechanic found on creatures is an activated ability you can activate any time you can pay for it.  You can have a creature become monstrous by paying the mana cost, adding the stated number of +1/+1 counters on the creature which may also provide a triggered ability.

Scry - is a keyword action that allows a player to look at a certain number of cards at the top of his or her library at which time you may have some options.  For 'Scry 1', you're simply looking at the top card and deciding whether you want to replace it or put it on the bottom.  For 'Scry 2' or greater, you are able to order the given number of those cards back on top or at the bottom or split.


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