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HUGE Alara Spoiler

We now have 211 of 249 Shards of Alara cards spoiled, courtesy of the now famous MTG Salvation forum member 'parkmania'. Rest assured, the Wizards of the Coast spoiler police are presently breaking down his front door and hauling him off to a Renton dungeon. Mr. parkmania even sorted the cards in numerical order for us.

Anywho, without further ado, I now present the scanned fruits of parkmania's labours. Just click to enlarge . . .

This pretty much wraps up spoiler season, so I'm gonna hit the couch and start practicing for the Olympic couch luge.

Stay tuned for individual card analysis, combos, tips and tricks.

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Anonymous said...

A fella I know had a chance to go through this binder at a conference, and he was trying to tell me about it. Thank you for posting this, because he didn't understand Magic very well and all I got out of it was "There were a lot of cards. They seemed cool...and I saw a dragon."

Great job, again. I will try and cover the prerelease I go to as detailed as I can this weekend to try and see what works the best. It is looking like Naya/Jund will be the smoothest ride for Sealed/Draft players.