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Alara Intro Pack & New Cards

We now have images available for two additional Shards of Alara Intro Packs. Specifically for the Bant Exalted and Esper Artifice Intro Packs.

As discussed previously in this post, Intro Packs now replace 'Theme Decks' (or pre-constructed decks) as a way to get new players the 41-card preconstructed deck, which includes 1 premium foil rare and one non-premium rare, a booster pack of the current set, A set-specific insert explaining the new mechanics in the set and info on the preconstructed decks included in the intro packs, and A learn-to-play insert for new players that includes game rules, deck building tips, and storyline information.
Also, new for your spoiler hungry eyes, 3 more Alara Card Spoilers from Game Japan . . . Remember - Click on any image to enlarge.
Kiss from Amisha 4{W}{U}
Sorcery, Uncommon
Target player gains 7 life and draws two cards.

This card seems just a bit expensive and feels like it should be a common card. Compare this to another 2 cards draw like Mulldrifter, where you a 2/2 flyer on the side - still 7 extra life may be worth it. On the other hand, perhaps this may a bomb in block constructed . . we will have to see how the gears mesh here.

Shardduster Sphinx 4{U}{U}
Artifact Creature - Sphinx, Rare
Whenever an artifact creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may put a blue 1/1 Ornithopter artifact creature with flying token.

This certainly looks like a solid card. A 4/4 Flyer with a repeatable effect which producers chump blockers. To take full advantage of this card, I am thinking of a power / toughness pump for the 1/1 flying tokens or perhaps a 'Deepchannel Mentor' to produce unblockable critters and kick the token generator into a higher gear.

Qassal Ambush Force 1{G}{W}
Creature - Rhino Warrior, Uncommon
Whenever an opponent's creature attacks and you control both a Forest and a Plains, you may play Quassal Ambush Force without paying its mana cost and as though it has flash.

This would be a sweet card on drop two but I won't hold my breath. The thing I like best about this card is the annoying reach ability it provides.

More spoiler goodness latter,
Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming !

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