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Alara Explorer - 120 Cards

Today in the Shards of Alara product section, the WoTC provided a unique feature called "Alara Explorer" which allows you to explore the five shards. You are required to interact within each shard and choose a correct response to challenges in order to collect a badge. The badge really is a piece of artwork featured in this soon to be released set.

For those of you who do not have enough time to multiple-guess your way through the questions or are simply too lazy, we have accumlated here for you the carrot at the end of the stick - 120 pieces of Card Art !
Just click on any image to enlarge.

From Bant
Akrasan Squire, Angel's Herald, Obelisk of Bant, Rhox Charger
Bant Battlemage, Dawnray Archer, Sigiled Paladin, Bant Charm
Deft Duelist, Hindering Light, Cancel, Knight of the Skyward

Knight of the White, Ranger of Eos, Rsounding Silence, Rhox War Monk
Sighted-Caste Sorcerer, Welkin Guide, Sigil of Distinction, Battlegrace Angel
Outrider of Jhess, Rafiq of the Many, Invincible Hymn, Stoic Angel

From Esper
Esper Charm, Etherium Sculptor, Spell Snip, Sphinx
Memory Erosion, Obelisk of Esper, Tidehollow Strix, Vectis Silencers
Onyx Goblet, Protomatter Powder, Dispeller's Capsule, Etherium Astrolabe

Ethersworn Cannonist, Filigree Sages, Punish Ignorance, Sanctum Gargoyle
Resounding Wave, Windwright Mage, Tower Gargoyle, Salvage Titan
Cloudheath Drake, Immortal Coil, Scourglass, Sphinx Sovereign

From Naya
Bloodthorn Taunter, Druid of the Anima, Sacellum Godspeaker, Soul's Grace
Elvish Visionary, Exuberant Firestoker, Wild Nactl, Drumhunter
Gustrider Exuberant, Obelisk of Nay, Godtoucher, Mosstodon

Naya Battlemage, Naya Charm, Relic of Progenitus, Ridge Rannet
Qasali Ambusher, Wolly Thoctar, Soul, Feral Hydra
Bull Ceredon, Realm Razer, Spearbreaker, Where Ancients Tread

From Grixis
Bone Splinters, Bonewasp Affliction, Obelisk of Grixis, Shadowfeed
Cathartic Adept, Fleshbag Marauder, Viashino Skeleton, Vithian Stinger
Grixis Charm, Lightning Talons, Blood Cultist, Cunning Lethemancer

Kathari Screecher, Kederekt Creeper, Incurable Ogre, Infest
Skeletonize, Undead Leotau, Sedraxis Specter, Archdemon of Unx
Fire-Field Ogre, Grixis Battlemage, Swerve, Vein Drinker

From Jund
Deathgreeter, Goblin Mountaineer, Ooze Garden, Rockslide Elemental
Hissing Iguanar, Magma Spray, Thunder-Thrash Elder, Branching Bolt
Manaplasm, Obelisk of Jund, Goblin Deathraiders, Jund Charm

Resounding Thunder, Rip-Clan Thrasher, Carrion Thrash, Mycoloth
Scavenger Drake, Sprouting Thrinax, Vicious Shadows, Broodmate Dragon
Bloodpyre Elemental, Caldera Hellion, Flameblast Dragon, Sangrite Surge

Stay tuned for more Shards of Alara spoilers, card art, and reviews.

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