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Alara Card Spoiler 3

Welcome to yet another Shards of Alara card spoiler post. This occasion, courtesy of the yet-to-be-released spanish magazine 'revista Cantrip'.

You know that if I saw this awesome cover, I would be picking it up at my local gaming store. (that and a translator)

Here is the spread in the magazine where the spoiler goodness lives !

On to the cards and some shaky translation . . .

Covenant of Minds (Cápsula del Verdugo)
Sorcery, Common
Reveal the top 3 cards of your library. Target opponent may choose to let you put those cards into your hand. If he or she doesn't put those 3 cards in your graveyard, draw 5 cards

Before singning anything in Grixis, read the small print

Could be amazing or incredibly bad . . .

Woolly Thoctar (Thoctar lanudo)

Creature - Beast, Uncommon
5 / 4

A very nice solid beater for a great cost if you can get these mana out by turn 3.

Executioner's Capsule {B}
Artifact, Rare
1{B}, sacrifice Executioner's Capsule : Destroy target nonblack creature.
There's always a moment of doubt before the opening of a messenger's capsule, by fear of wich judge it can contains

Nice ! I might even consider getting a deck set perhaps.

Anyway, stay tuned for more Shards of Alara spoilers and WoTC preview observations here.

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