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Alara Preview 5

We have a late Sunday evening treat for you . . . just when you thought your weekend was over. There are 3 more new Shards of Alara cards that were previewed today by Sergio via Magic Madrid. My Spanish is terrible, but I take it that the Sergio fellow is a Magic Madrid fan . . . not sure where he got the images however.
(Also - sorry about the MM tags on the cards - I guess Magic Madrid really wants everyone to know that they had these first - so good on them.)

Empyrial Archangel, 4{G}{W}{W}{U}
Creature - Angel, Mythic Rare Flying, shroud All damage that would be dealt to you is dealt to Empyprial Arcangel instead. 5 /8

This appears to be a sweet deal - let the angel-chick take the hit instead of you. Again - I do not want to whine but I was expecting just a bit more cow-bell for a mythic rare - good card none the less.

Seaside Citadel
Land Seaside Citadel comes into play tapped. Tap : Add {G}, (W}, or {U} to your mana pool. Uncommon

First off - the art here is fantastic and if this place could be reached with the air-miles I have, you know I'd be packing my bags.

I had previously mentioned this - WoTC is putting a smile on my face that these Alara non-basic lands are NOT rares which means casual players like me can actually enjoy some block-constructed play.

Expect to see every Tom, Richard and Sedric running a deck set of these in their Bant-centric decks.

Cancel, 1{U}{U}
Counter target spell

This Cancel re-print was already identified in this previous post but we had only a sketchy eBay image to work with.

I'm liking the art-work on this one too . . .the only thing that would make epic win was if it had the likeness of Christopher Walken on it choking a Tim . . . that an one less mana.

Anywho, enjoy what little is left of your weekend and brace yerself for Munday morning.

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