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Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We've not done a catch up article here on the main MTG Realm blog as to how our sister site MTG Realm on Tumblr has been doing.  Don't worry - she's fine and has just under 9,000 Followers making it one of the top Magic: the Gathering related blogs on Tumblr.  In fact, the MTG community on Tumblr is healthy and actually so popular that it has attracted the attention of Wizards of the Coast.  WotC staffers MaRo, Doug, Gavin and Matt have been riding the Tumblr machine as MTG / personal blogs for quite a while now but the company is now in the room.  Kinda like your mom 'n' dad coming home early while you and your friends (or gf/bf) are chill'n.  Hope it does not get weird or corporate but we don't anticipate this.

Anywhoos - on to what we've been up to on Tumblr !
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Crit Hit LED Dice Set


• A trio of dice that flash red when you roll their highest Set of three dice which flash red when you roll their highest number

• Not a cheater die in the bunch! Each one is weighted evenly so you have to earn those top rolls

• Set includes one of each: d10, d12, and d20

• Players: It is up to your GM whether you can use it in your game

• GMs: The red glow makes you look even more evil behind the screen

• Batteries included (1 x CR2032 each; non-replaceable)

Welcome to the official MTG Tumblr!




We’ll be using this space as a hub for MTG content. Several WotC employees are Tumblr residents already, and we like to think of this blog as the apartment complex all of them (metaphorically) live in. Follow for community reblogs, questions from fans, and more Magic than you can shake a stick at.

Is this for real? If so, great!

It’s for real! 

DAMMIT - WotC has found our lair !
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Magic: the Gathering - Zombie Fruit Bowl

Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Fate Reforged Rare, Illustrated by Chris Rahn.

This card is BANANAS !

• Ikea furniture requires some assembly - while - Sultai Zombie furniture assemble themselves.

• Why did the Zombie Banana go to the Doctor … cuz he wasn’t peeling well.
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Gather ALL the Magic expansion symbols ! ! !
Gather ALL the Magic expansion symbols ! ! !

(Source: gatherallthemagic)
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Magic: the Gathering - MTG problemsMTG problems from @eggofchris - not having enough table space to make your Pauper deck.  
Magic: the Gathering - MTG problems

MTG problems from @eggofchris - not having enough table space to make your Pauper deck.  
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Magic: the Gathering - Suncatchers

Some very lovely craft work from VitriGeek.  Each piece is hand-cut and assembled on a clear backing, so that it works as either a mosaic on your wall or a suncatcher in the window. Each suncatcher is individually cut and assembled by hand, so there will be slight variations from piece to piece.  Each piece is approximately 4” in diameter, 1/4” thick, and weighs roughly 4 ounces. 

From VitriGeek (Ithaca, NY, United States) on Etsy.
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Magic: the Gathering - Today’s Uncharted Realms story

There and (maybe) Back Again - A Sarkhan Tale -sponsored by Nahiri Brand Hedrons.

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