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Sarkhan Unbroken

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Some very delicious news out for all you Magic: the Gathering spoiler nutters out there - quite possibly all ado with the next set - Dragons of Tarkir.  Have a seat and let's go -

Yesterday on the Penny Arcade news posts, we were all treated to this year's pins available to collect at PAX East (Boston, 6th to 8th March 2015).  There has been for a while now at the PAX events, a Magic: the Gathering pin to collect from Wizards of the Coast booth or event.  No big whoop but when the pin image was posted 19 hours ago by PAX 'Gabe', he had also provided a name 'Sarkhan, Unbroken' along with this image . . .

Well doesn't that look a bit familiar . . .
Yep - from the last MTG trailer put out by WotC -

That trailer shows the same 'Ugin the Spiritdragon coloured' trail in Sarkhan's hair as well as that ever-so-cool flaming first.

In today's Magic Arcana post by WotC staffer Blake, he had provided a bunch of details for MTG fans attending PAX East as well as the same pin image - but - no intriguing name.

Some in the MTG fan community speculate that we will see the return of Sarkhan in the next set.  We really don't doubt this - the big question is, as a Planeswalker, a Legendary creature card (his Planeswalker spark consumed in that time travel business), or just perhaps a spell ?


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