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New Phyrexia Art Spoiler 1

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Following up on the New Phyrexia buy a box promo we posted about yesterday, we have for you today a bunch (but not all) of Magic the Gathering ART PREVIEWS (!) for this upcoming set from our fav WoTC staffer, Monty in today's Magic Arcana.

Today's goal is still the same - speculate what sort of game card the following arts will have - sorcery, creature, etc., so let's get to it now . . .


Both arts are from Eric Deschamps. The one of the left appears to be a Cenobite warrior for Elesh Norn's faction while the one on the right appears to be the legendary blue Praetor, Jin-Gitaxias, Augur of the Core.

The art of the left from
Jason Chanof the nice Viridian lady taking her beasts for a walk at the park. The art from Brad Rigney appears to be the same pre-Med student from Vivisection.

The left art from Chris Rahn kinda makes be sad - (oh nooes - Indomitable Archangel getting pawn'd by a baddy). The art from Izzy on the right is almost certainly Surgical Extraction which was previewed yesterday.

The art from Jason Felix on the left appears to be a Phyrexian rider - hopefully another knight. The art from Svetlin Velinov on the right shows a haunting landscape, perhaps a razorfield now fully corrupt.

The dark underground cavern art from Min Yum on the left is very cool. The art from Steve Belledin on the right shows what we think is the now-infected Etched Champion - expect an infect creature with protection from all colours on metalcraft.

That's it for now folks, keep on truck'n and pop back latter.


Boba's Dad said...

I hope the first art is for something like this:

Cenobite Warrior PW
Creature - Warrior
(PW can be paid with one white mana or two life.)

PEFP said...

What you meant as Surgical Extraction, certainly isn't. First, the "surgeon" is from Norn's Faction (by the looks), which is white, and we all know that SE, is Black.