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NPH God Book

Happy Tuesday evening MTG peeps,

We know . . . we already had our daily post and if are posting again, you know it's BIG. Yes it is. We have for you a massive Magic the Gathering New Phyrexia spoiler via 'S3BaS' from Mexico City who was able to get some screen-caps of the New Phyrexia 'Godbook'. UPDATE - Wizards of the Coast is investigating this serious breach which may have originated on an Internet Relay Chat server (IRC). See further discussion in this post. Copies of this 'Godbook' in pdf format have already spread to file hosting sites but we won't touch these with a 10-foot pole. Rest assured, heads will role as a result of the theft of this intellectual property.

What's a Godbook ?? From Wizards of the Coast - here :

For example, we conduct a particular kind of market research called a "godbook study." A "godbook" is just a printout of all the cards. We ask a statistical sampling of hundreds of players to pick their favorite and least favorite cards in several categories (card mechanics, art, names, and flavor text) from memory. Then we show them a random portion of a set's godbook and ask the same questions. We take the data from the first part (what we call an open-ended survey) and combine the data with the second part.
Let's rip on through as the cards are now literally everywhere but on MTG Realm ! - CAUTION - these are completely unconfirmed and may very well be fakes (very, very good fakes) and suggest you wait until you see the official preview at Wizards.

There are a ton of other images to add which we will get to latter but for now we will direct your attention to our New Phyrexia Spoiler page (text) where we have the entire set now spoiled - so be sure to check it out.

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VergilDante100 said...

Ah this is going to keep me busy for the next week, i wish it weren't so but hey what can you do, shame spoiler season had to end early this time.

hell_tanuki said...

I really hope they'll find the culprit for this. I feel bad for WotC... I mean, I would be very angry if someone leaked all my hard creative work on the Internet a few days before official spoilers start. I don't want to see anything like that happens again, but what can I do ? Keep up the good work WotC !