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It's Friday !

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We have for you another excellent instalment of Magic the Gathering wallpapers from the upcoming set 'Action' as well as some rather exciting news about Friday Night Magic which we're sure will get the juices flowing for most every Magic player out there.

Before we get to the post, why not take some time out to listen to Rebecca Black's 'It's Friday' song on the 'Tube. It's kind of like pouring a highly corrosive cleaner directly onto your brain and we're calling it right now - 'What was heard can never be unheard'. Thankfully, the internets are chocked full 'o' parody vids which may make the burning go away.

First up - two new awesome wall paper arts from the Mirrodin site from the soon to be released 'Action' set :

Sword of War and Peace Wallpaper


"So," the Vulshok warrior rumbled, "you're responsible for this blade."

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," the Auriok edgewright replied quietly. "Our people are known for their smithing skills."

The Vulshok examined the sword carefully. "Perhaps. But we Vulshok know a thing or two about weapons as well." He smiled. "I want to suggest some... alterations..."

Ladies and Gentlemen - start your speculations !

The art from Chris Rahn on this last in the sword mega cycle is most excellent. In this mega cycle, each Sword of X and X were equipment artifacts with a casting cost of 3 and an equip cost of 2 mana. They each boosted power and toughness and provided protection from two enemy colours which are hinted at in the art as well as the name of the sword. Each sword has a trigger when damage was delivered. The four swords so far are Sword of Light and Shadow and Sword of Fire and Ice from Darksteel, Sword of Body and Mind from Scars of Mirrodin, and Sword of Feast and Famine from Mirrodin Besieged. This obviously is the Red and White sword. Your homework is provide in the comments below your educated guess.
Omen Machine Wallpaper


"...I'd call it 'goblin' in philosophy, but it has a clearly Phyrexian intent. It is fueled by all manner of sources, with no apparent regard for quantity. We witnessed engineers loading all sorts of fuel into the machine – struggling prisoners and dead bodies, quicksilver, precious ore, Mirran and Phyrexian devices alike; though Osserid and I could not see what it was making. The device didn't appear to be operating or doing anything other than its fuel burning within. "I wanted to pass this machine by, as we were sent by our Thought Bosses to document any Phyrexian device or tactic that could possibly turn the war in our enemy's favor and an inactive device was not worth inspecting. The halls resonated with screams, and I said we should scout those rooms, though Osserid insisted we go to this machine as the lack of screaming in Phyrexia was unsettling. I concurred. "When we began to inspect the machine, it was not active in any way we could discern. There was no hum or movement. There were massive pipes attached to its sides, but the pipes echoed hollow. Osserid looked inside, and I sprang back when his body burst into flames. He looked like he was screaming, but water poured from his mouth and nose. His face began to age, but his body from the neck below shrank. It had reverted to the state of infancy. In a matter of seconds, his aged face went motionless. "I knew I should have been moved, but by now I was jaded to Phyrexia's madness. This was the second day of our expedition, and of the ten of us that had set out, I was now the only to survive. I would mourn them all later. Quickly I noted the device's dimensions and my observations, the seventy-third device that could lose Mirrans the war." —Lafarius, Neurok sky agent

This art from David Rapoza is amazing. Our guess for this card involves a comes into play wording for 3 counters which the controller taps to remove a counter not much unlike Tumble Magnet with the result that target player cannot cast creature spells that turn.

Lastly -

The store we go to sling cards (OMG Games) is providing an amazing prize for top spot in tonight's Friday Night Magic event . . . a Worldwake Fat Pack. Yep - the set which birthed the most expensive card in standard. This of course is a lottery and the winner has 8 chances of pulling a Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

For a $6 entry fee, you have the chance to win a Fat Pack (estimated cost around $90 and a chance of opening up one or more booster packs containing a $100 Jace - not too shabby.

So - if you are within a hour's drive to the store in Barrie, Ontario, we suggest you plan to put your behind in a seat tonight. Play starts shortly after 7:00 pm.



Scott said...

Damnit. My guess was Sword of Heart and Soul. Oh well.

Is that a Phyrexian holding the sword? Uh oh.

Jason Rivera said...

My original guess would have been

Sword of Order and Chaos

Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has pro. from red and from white.

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, you may destroy target enchantment (that player controls)* and you may destroy target artifact (that player controls)*.

or may destroy artifact or enchantment* and you may destroy target nonbasic land*

* = with or without "that player controls."

On Sword of War and Peace, though...

+2/+2, pro. from red and from white.

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, you may sacrifice equipped creature, then untap creatures that (you control)/(attacked this turn) and after this phase, there is another combat phase and you may have that player skip his or her combat phase during his or her next turn.

Maybe a little OP?

Scott said...

Jason, that sounds great. Two red and white abilities I never would have considered. IT would be overpowered at that wording, but maybe allow it to only trigger once on your turn? Still might be overpowered. Sounds good though.

fjremyp said...

My guess was Sword of War and Peace, so points for me. As for abilities:
Red - destroy target land
White - exile target creature/permanent OR put +1/+1 counters on all/target creature(s) you control.

Jason Rivera said...

Scott - I think the template I wrote might pass as okay for several reasons.

First, the "war" ability may not be OP because you have to sacrifice equipped creature, then you attack again immediately (i.e. without another main phase to equip at sorcery-speed). This means SoWaP won't be equipped to another creature that'll attack, unless you had two SoWaP equipped to two different creatures or unless you can equip at instant speed (i.e. you have Brass Squire, for standard).

Second, the "peace" ability may not be OP because it won't make your opponent skip multiple combat phases due to the "have that player skip his or her combat phase during his or her NEXT TURN" (caps for emphasis). This means during that player's next turn, he or she skips that turn's combat phase instead of skipping their next combat phase(s) - possibly over the next few turns.

Third and last, I wrote these speculated abilities to fit the other swords' templates - a clause "activate this ability only once per turn" or the like would break the wording pattern that we find on the other four swords.