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Green - White Tokens

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope you had a great weekend and had time to get some Magic the Gathering games fitted in. As for ourselves, we had an opportunity to make tracks over to the local gaming store, OMG Games in Barrie, Ontario where they had a good turn out of 48 players competing for a Worldwake Fat Pack. Unfortunately we had to drop early but were sure we will find out if the winner met with success with the Jace 2.0 lottery. On Saturday we went back to the binders and looked over some of our older (still standard legal) cards and reminisced a bit. To this end, we brewed up an nostaligic casual deck, which although might not be able to take on some of the premier net decks, still would deliver very well on FUN. This had won only half the games we played with so far (against an Elf deck and a Tempered Steel deck) but they were certainly very close.

Let's have a look at this odd brew of Green / White tokens . . .

4 x Birds of Paradise
4 x Wall of Omens
4 x Explore
4 x Harrow
4 x Emeria Angel
3 x Garruk Wildspeaker
2 x Day of Judgement
3 x Eldrazi Monument
2 x Elspeth Tirel
3 x Rampaging Baloth
3 x Avenger of Zendikar
2 x Novablast Wurm

LANDS - 22
9 x Forest
9 x Plains
2 x Sunpetal Grove
2 x Stirring Wildwood

The deck will generate -

0/1 Plant tokens (Avenger of Zendikar),
1/1 Bird tokens (Emeria Angel),
1/1 Soldier tokens (Elspeth Tirel),
3/3 Beast tokens (Garruk Wildspeaker), as well as
4/4 Beast tokens (via Rampaging Baloths).

Altough we are not aiming for an overun effect (a pump / trample spell), there still is that capability with Garruk's last ability. Primarily, we are focusing on putting our opponent on a fast clock by puking a variety of tokens (most of which are provided with landfall triggers) and getting to a point where we can set up a variety of win conditions. Resetting the board with Day of Judgement, Elspeth Tirel or even Novablast Wurm and a fast recovery and a swing in for lethal damage.

Extra critical card draws are provided with Wall of Omens and Explore while additional land drops to trigger landfall abilities are provided with Harrow as again with Explore.

Should we be able to get Eldrazi Monument out followed by Day of Judgement, Elspeth or Novablast, then things are certainly going quite well and promises of a game win is almost assured.

Anywhoos - as always, please pipe in with suggestions for the maindeck or sideboard (as we have not yet developed one) in the comment thingy below or by eMail. If this build gets some decent games in, we may even consider taking it from the kitchen table for a spin at FNM.

Finally, as you know from some previous posts, MTG Mint Card is donating an incredible 30% of its sales to Doctors Without Borders who provide much needed front line medical aid to areas adversely affected by disasters around the world. This campaign which has run almost all month long will come to an end on March the 31st.


1 comment:

Josh, from WI said...

Since most of your tokens depend on landfall you might want to consider finding at least 3 slots for Primeveal Titan. Maybe take out 1 Avenger, 1 Angel, and 2 Nova for 4 P-titans. just a thought