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Worldwake Fat Pack

Good Day MTG Peeps,
As is our custom here on MTG Realm, when the next Magic the Gathering set is released, we capture a Fat Pack, bring the beast into our laboratory and dissect it for your enjoyment.

Here's the Video - check out our pulls below . . .

Here is what one may expect in a Worldwake Fat Pack -

+ Worldwake Player's Guide,
+ Forty Zendikar basic (full art) lands

+ Storage box (of course) featuring Jace Art

+ A sample chapter from R.B. Wintermute's 'In the Teeth of Akoum'

+ EIGHT Worldwake booster packs

Anywhoos, head out to your local gamery shop and pick yours up today !

As for what we pulled, check it out !
Amulet of Vigor, Celestial Colonnade, Creeping Tar pit, Eye of Ugin, Joraga Warcaller, Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, Lavaclaw Reaches, Marshal's Anthem (FOIL), andStrength of the Tajuru

Bloodhusk Ritualist, Canopy Cover, Caustic Crawler, Dread Statuary, Everflowing Chalice, 2 x Hada Freeblade, Hammer of Ruin, Horizon Drake, Lightkeeper of Emeria, Perimeter Captain, Permafrost Trap, 2 x Quest for Renewal, Refraction Trap, Riccochet Trap, Scrib Nibblers, Sejiri Merfolk, Shoreline Salvager, 2 x Spell Contortion, Summit Apes, Tideforce Elemental, Vastwood Animist

That's it for now - We will be heading out to OMG Games in Barrie to play in the Worldwake Launch Party tomorrow (Saturday)! We hope to have some coverage for this tournament for you in our next post. To find a Worldwake Release event near you, check out THIS Wizards of the Coast page.


Mike M said...

I bought a fat pack today and got more than I expected. I got the shapeshifter ally, lifelink ally, basilisk collar, chain reaction, goliath sphinx, a novablast wurm, an abyssal persecutor, and a Jace. And to top it off...... a non-white 20 side die :D

Rick Sadler said...

I bought 2 boxes from my local card shop. First box opened, first pack I ever opened in Worldwake, foil Abyssal Persecuter. In the two boxes I got every mythic besides Jace, Mind Sculptor but the guy next to me pulled a foil