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GW Landfall

Good Day folks,

We are trapped in Toronto this week on business but thankfully they have coffee down here and a connection to the interwebs. We don't think we will go into Magic the Gathering withdrawal either as 401 Games & Collectibles is within walking distance from our lair away from home. Not sure if we will be able to get daily MTG posts to the blog but we will do our best.

Anywhoos - We finally got around to putting together a real cardboard Magic the Gathering deck for the new post-Worldwake Landfall. The deck we had finally scrapped together for playtesting is Green / White featuring Emeria Angel, Rampaging Baloths and Avenger of Zendikar.

Right off the get-go, let's have a look at the video and then we'll get to some notes . . .


To date, we have had only two playtest dates with this build - one against a mon-red (Red-Deck-Wins build) as well as an interesting mono-green Elf / Ally deck. Both matches show some promise and we will be taking notes for improvement.

We were initially taken by surprise just how many plant, bird, and beast tokens this particular build vomited out on the board. We guess we should not really be that surprised as Knight of the Reliquary (to search for any land - basic or otherwise) and Ruin Ghost (which temporarily bounces lands back to your hand) does a fairly decent job in dropping extra lands into play triggering all those awesome landfall abilities.

We had taken out Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and it appears the wheels did not in fact fall off. The land that really did impress us was Sejiri Steepe - especially when coupled with Ruin Ghost which when used in tandem is kind of like a 'protection on tap' and worked quite efficiently for us. Another land which did not yet really shine for us in this build was Stirring Vastwood - this man-land may eventually get pushed off into the sideboard.

Well, we're certain it has quite a bit to go to get this FNM ready but one important goal has already been reached - this is one heck of a FUN casual deck to play.

Stay tuned, not sure exactly when the next post will be but we are off to 401 Games right now - if you happen to be in the hood, we will be hanging out there for several evenings this week.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, on your video, feast of blood is a sorcery so it wouldn't have worked, but I get the point. It could have been a Doom Blade.

Nice deck though.. I would recommend garruk in the main board, or even elspeth.. a couple baneslayers wouldn't hurt either. and I am not saying that just cause "every deck should run bsa" lol.. it just seems like it would fit the deck.

Cobaltjeh said...

Ruin Ghost, in combination with the Worldwake lands is just Awesome.

And i just like token based decks :). And i think this will be a great deck to play.

Really like your videos, but i would still prefer a deck list for a quick review if possible.

aMblUr said...

wow how ironic, playing on a huge picture of the other white landfall card that could be good in this deck.