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Jace in your Wallet

Hey all,

Today's post is all about one of the more epic cards to hit the tables in the last year or two. This card also happens to be the first Planeswalker to have not three but four abilities. Since Worldwake came out, players everywhere are cracking packs to either find this awesome piece of magic card or looking on with envious eyes to that player who just did. If you know that we're yattering about Jace, the Mind Sculptor, you are correct and should treat yourself to a latte.

We were very fortunate to crack a Jace during our Release party and since then had become rather interested in the player community's response to this card. To start off, here is a brief quote from Evan Erwin, StarCity Games Community Manager and well known host of the popular 'The Magic Show' on the tube. This is what he had to say in his recent article titled 'Five Lessons From Worldwake' . . .

"You think $60 is the highest it's going to reach? Pssshhh. My guess is $80 after the Pro Tour, and will hit $100+ after it rotates. I'm happy this article is here, because it will let me look back in a few months to confirm my thoughts or prove me incredibly wrong. I've got a hankering, however, that I'll be proven right and then some."

And those prices . . . here is a quick round up of what to expect to pay for a single non-foil : Note - a price listed here has may likely change within a few hours of this post going up.

3rd Coast Cards 45
AdventuresON 48.99
Beavers Cards 41
Big Fireball 54.99
CCGHouse 42.41
ChannelFireball 59.99
CoolStuffInc 57.99
Gaming ETC 49.93
GlobalMTG 45.99
Lost Harbor 59.99
Magic Arsenal 49.99
Magic Inferno 45.29
MatchPlay 54.99
MTG Island 47.25
MTG Stronghold 54.99
MTGMintCard 42.99
OldSchoolGaming 47.95
OshkoshMagic 44.52
Shuffle&Cut Cards 53.49
StarCity Games 59.99
Strike Zone Online 52.5
SuperGames 47.99
The Counterspell 52.98
The MTG Place 50.99
Top Deck Hobbies 45
VolcanicMagic 49.92
White Lion Games 52.99
XtremeGames 49

Soooo - We suggest that you follow StarCity Games to get a true feeling for the price and how Jace will move up (or down - not likely) in the next coming months. As for eBay - prices for 'buy now' range from $45 to $55 dollars US.

If you are looking to sell your much coveted Jace, we suggest that you trade it with another player to get a load of cards you need to complete decksets, etc., or wait until after we have seen this on the Pro-Tour circuits for a bit at which time we will prognosticate that there will be a price correction - going up in value that is.

Now for some juice . . .

Did you guys want to see what almost $15,000 of Jace, the Mind Sculptor looks like ? Then check out these pics courtesy of MTGMintCard - -



Unknown said...

I picked up a Fat Pack yesterday and guess who was waiting inside one of the boosters :)

Funny though, most of the comments around various forums that I've checked seem to indicate that many people think this card is not going to be that great, and that due to the smaller # of cards in the set, the amount of Jace's pulled will be higher and thus the price will go down after the initial WWK craze dies down. Seems most people think it will fall out around $18-$25.

So now I just need to decide what to do with him (other than get him into a sleeve, stat!)

Rocky said...

I'm not going to lie.. I was one of those people that looked at Jace as someone who wasn't going to have a place in the standard format. Yeah well obviously THAT CHANGED. Watching someone get completely ROCKED at FNM by Mr. Jace 2.0 was awesome! I was really skeptical about his fateseal ability... until I started watching his +2 each turn leaving his opponent completely mana screwed! So I certainly find him viable and legit for the format. I am going to complete my playset ASAP. =]

Unknown said...

He does seem pretty beastly. I was a little dissapointed that he wasn't a strong presence in the top 8 yesterday in San Diego, but he was still getting some good play in Standard rounds by quite a few of the top finishers.