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Promos Catch-Up

It has been since July 2009 that we did a round-up POST of various Wizards of the Coast / Magic the Gathering promotional cards. We now make amends by wrapping these up today. In short - Get Thee to a Gamery Store !

Friday Night Promos
We last left off with the FNM promo for June HERE.
If you are like me and so happen to live near an urban center which say perhaps has a store that hosts Friday Night Magic events, then you must get fairly enthusiastic about the potential of winning a DCI Friday Night Magic promotional card.

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July FNM : Murderous Redcap

August FNM : Lightning Greaves

September FNM : Watchwolf

November FNM : Oblivion Ring

Here are some very lovely WPN Promo cards. Some details of the Wizards Play Network (WPN) / aka 'Gateway', formerly 'League' set up are HERE.

The Wizards Play Network offers stores, schools, libraries and organizers all the tools they need to run events for Wizards of the Coast games. If you want to offer Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons events for your players, the WPN gives you everything you need to get your game going!

Sorry about the mark-ups - stupid store logos removed.
Kor Duelist WPN Promo

Vampire Nighthawk WPN Promo

Zendikar Game Day !

Zendikar Game Day is coming on October 31st my Boils and Ghouls. For a location near you check out the link HERE. For those fanatical MTG players who could not quite get enough game on a set's pre-release or release event day, Wizards has brilliantly arranged a 'Game Day' which occurs approximately one month after the set's official release.

On Saturday, 31st October (yes - it's Halloween - ensure you are appropriately attired in your best spooky costume), converge on your local organiser's facility and you may be able to collect one of these Zendikar mtg promos . . .

Zendikar Game Day Promo :
Nissa's Chosen and Emeria Angel !

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more MTG goodness . . . Happy and Safe Playing until next post.

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