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Hello and welcome to yet another post of 'What I'm Playing'. This is where we, the abecedarian begrudging your greater experience in this our admired game of Magic the Gathering propose to you a standard constructed deck and you, advanced by years of experience, sagely provide us betterments.

So, without further ado, admit me, the constructor of this deck, who prologue-like your humble patience pray, gently to read, kindly to judge our Deck List.

Sneaky Kor . . .

Spells - 39
4 x kor duelist
4 x trusty machete
4 x harm's way
4 x brave the elements
4 x armament master
4 x kor aeronaut
3 x kor skyfisher
4 x kor hookmaster
4 x whispersilk cloak
4 x captain of the watch
Mana -21
17 x Plains
4 x Kabira Crossroads

Our thanks to Trick at ManaNation for developing MTG Url from which we had obtained the following graphics. Here are the Links to the LIST and ANALYSIS.

Creature - 23 / Artifact - 8 / Instant - 8 / Basic Land - 21


We were for a time rather unsure of the Kor at this time. Certainly there are some very worthy cards but perhaps we had held too much stock in Armament Master who lacked a particular vigor in order to stay long enough on the board in order to provide benefits to his fellow Kor.

That was, until a colleague at Friday Night Magic suggested the use of Whispersilk Cloak which not only provided the much needed shroud required to maintain the Armament Master but also provided a very nice ublockable ability.

The construction so far proved to fair not that badly with the few casual kitchen table games we had played with a limited variety of other builds. We were very impressed with the Duelist, who we had placed a Trusty Machete on and then followed up with a Whispersilk Cloak. This piece of nastiness was at one time (with an Armament Master on board) swinging for 10 points of sweet unblockable pain. As the build happened to turn out all soldiers, we just auto-included Captain of the Watch.

We very much understand that this build is still far from complete and would like you to suggest improvements before we unleash this at our next FNM. Please remember that we, of limited income, may not be able to acquire the hotness which you may suggest so please also think in terms of budget.
We are also thinking about a build with Emeria Angel and the very popular Hedron Crab. If you have any ideas with this deck that won't break the bank, please drop us a comment.



gregtron said...

Dude, I love making budget decks. Check out this list I threw together for a beginner at our card shop:

Every time I tried to change the list, I ended up going back to mono-white soldiers. Those decks run powerful, cost-efficient creatures like Elite Vanguard and Kazandu Blademaster, but they really don't fit your Kor/Equipment theme. Still, I think some good changes can be made while keeping your original goals in mind:

The first thing I noticed is that you have, well, zero removal spells. First thing I'd do would be to add four Journey to Nowhere. While not as good as Path to Exile, it's certainly cheaper to acquire one.

Kor Skyfisher could be also an issue, as your mana requirements for casting and attaching your equipment can be prohibitive in conjunction with the Fisher's bounce effect.

Another problem is you have no way of dealing with non-creature permanents. World Queller is an interesting solution to this problem, and can be bought for around $2. He's no Kor, but he is pretty good.

Of course, the classic token/weenie strategy is to play dudes and pump them all. If you had a few extra bucks lying around, it would be wise to invest a few dollars into Honor of the Pure or Ajani Goldmane. Keeping budget in mind, the cheaper and faster of the two is HotP - which would run you like $6 each. If that's still too much, Bold Defense would work.

Another cool idea for quickly and cheaply getting the equipment you need to rock and roll is Quest for the Holy Relic. With this tutor, I probably wouldn't even hesitate to run one-ofs of equipment that would be difficult or even impossible to cast from your hand, like Behemoth Sledge or Grappling Hook.

For a little recursion and late-game power, Emeria Sky Ruin can be bought for about $3. I notice these a lot in people's binders, so I imagine it would be pretty easy to trade for.

Anyway if you were willing to spend an extra ten bucks, you could try this modified list:

4 x kor duelist
4 x armament master
4 x kor aeronaut
2 x kor hookmaster
3 x captain of the watch
2 x world queller

4 x harm's way
4 x journey to nowhere
3 x brave the elements
3 x quest for the holy relic

3 x whispersilk cloak
1 x behemoth sledge
1 x grappling hook
3 x trusty machete

2 x emeria, sky ruin
21 x plains

4 x oblivion ring
3 x bold defense
3 x kor sanctifier
1 x brave the elements
4 x celestial purge

Mike M. said...

I'm building a landfall deck around scapeshift from morningtide. Their $3 a piece so it's not to bad.

R said...

i think 21 lands are definitely not sufficient for your deck. you should have at least 23 lands. Drop captain of the watch and play conqueror's pledge if you have the slot. after all it matches your kor theme

gregton is right, you need removals. journey and o-ring are excellent removals and i think you'll need 4 each in your mainboard.