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Some of you may have heard rumours about the new fall set, code-named "Live" due out in October, 2009. This set would be the first in the "Live" block ("Live, Long, Prosper").

'Deadly Perils, Priceless Treasures'

A new US Pattent Office trademark filing from Wizards was submitted on 3 March, 2009 and the MTG Realm spoiler department has been following this lead ever since early March. The trademark applied for was "Zendikar". This now has been confirmed as the name of the new fall set today on Magic Arcana.


Here are the details . . .

Set Name - Zendikar
Three-Letter Abbreviation - ZEN (nice !)
Number of Cards - 249
Release Date - Friday, October 2, 2009
Prerelease Events - September 26-27, 2009
Launch Parties - October 2-4, 2009
Previews start - September 7, 2009

Design Team
Mark Rosewater (lead)
Doug Beyer
Graeme Hopkins
Kenneth Nagle
Matt Place

Development Team

Henry Stern (lead)
Aaron Forsythe
Mark Globus
Erik Lauer
Devin Low
Matt Place
Mike Turian
Steve Warner

Now, Let our imagination take to the air . . . PIRATES ! ! ! (I hope!)

The name, the logo, the slogan thingy has the feel of a far flung place. A place sort of like this . . .


Nicholas Davis said...

I was hanging out with my Magic playing neighbor last night when I pulled Arcana up. The instant I saw the tagline, I looked at him and said, "Pirates?!?!".

It will be a very happy day for me and a very sad day for my wallet if the next block is indeed swashbuckling pirates.

Anonymous said...

Pirates really. Maybe. Live long and prosper suggests space. Maybe space pirates. Gaurd yer' booty, me mates.

If it is they should plan the release on talk like a pirate day.

gregtron said...

But what about the push for the next core set to adopt a classical fantasy feel? If the core set is going to drop Kavu and Slivers to focus on Trolls and Elves, I can't imagine they'll go with a totally different idea with the expansions.

Especially not after all that awful Kamigawa crap. I know a lot of people loved it, but they seriously almost lost me forever, and I know I'm not the only one.

Unknown said...

This title and tag line has always given me a very Indiana Jones feel, which would fit with all the other speculations. Aztec, African, Arabian, plundering artifacts and high adventure. It would be great to see a swashbuckling archeological adventure.

Anonymous said...

I don't see pirates being involved. It sounds like more of a treasure hunter theme, like Indiana Jones style. Ancient ruins, hidden treasures, and deadly traps await those who enter.

Anonymous said...

Pirates for MTG has to be one dumbass consept, and if they do that, I think it would have to be the worst set idea they've come up with(and I thought Kamigawa was the worst.)Quote from M.Rosewater on Zendikar: I do feel the world we’ve create is a resonant one, but not one with pirates or dinosaurs. Or robots. Or ninjas. Or monkeys. End Quote.

I am geting more and more disapionted the more I here about this set...I was realy hopeing for 2enemy colors with 1alied color shards alter ego set.(Like Shadowmoor and Eventide)((Black and white Ajani or Black and Green abomanation or Red and Blue basterdly plainswalkers.))More hybrids is a must in my opinion.It's a damn shame none of it will likely happen.

Anonymous said...

Agreed man. Its a pity that the hybrid theme will die.

Anonymous said...

I am quite glad this next set will not be so multicolor-reliant and might actually have a decent theme, unlike Eventide or the tail end of Alara. We do not need more random goofy flavorless mish-mashes of restrictive color combos that undermine much of the spirit and fun of the game.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I couldn't disagree more. Eventide and Alara Reborn are among my favorite sets ever, and I've been here since the start. I'm pretty tired of the same old stuff. Hybrids were awesome. Full of flavor and creativity.

If you look at the art for Awakener Druid (2010) I think it almost guarantees that Zendikar will have sort of African part to it anyway. Since they are bringing out Core Sets every year now, they will most likely only be foreshadowing the next block, not the next two, like they used to.

CopySix said...

New theory . . . Pirates AND Robots ! ! ! f.t.w.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the last planeswalker book The Purifying Fire had any hints (just a little spoiler, nothing about the plot) then Zendikar is going to play around with mana quite a bit and also brings up the fact that Mana Burn is gone now...and R&D said they were able to play with some new mechanics because of it. So could great rewards=great mana? Maybe acceleration that has some kind of drawbacks? Mana Dorks that switch sides after you tap them for mana? All kinds of odd things could happen

furkan said...

think it's gonna be a booster like full with things look like sort of eastern and western mix. dunno it just sounds like a parallell universe or sumthin...or im just watching too muc films lmao...

Anonymous said...

i heard it was going back to the tribes. also, one or 2 colors are great, even hybrids. but the 3 color thing just bothers me. too many openings for mana problems for people like me with no money for fancy lands

Anonymous said...

Vampires are in!!!