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MTG Easter Egg

Easter is approximately 2.5 weeks away, and being a Christian (and a father of three), I am already making plans for this holiday. I've noted that details on the 2009 White House Easter Egg Roll are already up on the White House webpage. As I am not an American, this annual event (happening since 1878 under President Rutherford Hayes) is somewhat interesting to an outsider. If you have to have extra tickets and air-fare to D.C. for my family of 5, drop me a line.

As I typically operate on several mental levels (especially after coffee), I cannot think of Easter Eggs as simply a holiday cofectionary or brightly painted egg. I will, of course, think of the other Easter Egg as well.

An Easter egg is a secret feature hidden in a piece of media by its author or designer. We most often find this in software applications and the like. In Magic the Gathering, it simply becomes a thing of beauty or sometimes if you see it, you will . . . (you know what). For a most excellent article from 12/11/2006 by Doug Beyer, check out this WoTC linky.

Anywho - this particular 'Easter Egg' takes place right in plain sight on the Time Spiral card Liege of the Pit . . . Let's have a look.

The Card

Closer . . .

Even Closer . . .

Yep - that's right - that is not a vital organ but a collection of screaming baby heads. Yeah - that sent shivers down my spine too - Absolutely great work by artist Jeremy Jarvis.

Not sure if Liege of the pit will be making another appearence in the upcomming special set 'Divine vs Demonic'.

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Anonymous said...

Craziest card ever. One of the most evil MTG cards of all time. My friends and I nicknamed this guy "Baby Hearts". xD