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MTG Madness

Good Day my peeps,

the spoiler action has been interrupted for some witty 'n' waggish humour, so strap in and enjoy. I just wanted to rebroadcast this old 4Chan post which I thought was oddly peculiar and amusing.
Location: Sparta, the King's court
King Leonidas of Sparta and King Xerxes of Persia playing Magic: The Gathering . .

Leonidas : Playing a Plains. Passing the turn.

Xerxes : Tapping a Swamp, playing Dark Ritual, playing Delirium Skeins, each Player discards 3. I play 3 Basking Rootwallas for free. Your turn.

Leonidas : What in Hades ? ! ? ! Let me see that card !


Stephen Hawking : And that Gentlemen was how the universe began . .



Nicholas Davis said...

ha, this is hilarious. Great read!!!

Anonymous said...